Does the file type you create matter? Yes. Does the file size The second part of a video is the codec inside the format. A codec consists two. While Kaltura supports a wide range of video formats and codecs, there are some recommended specifications for x (p), 6,, Kbps. supports every digital video format imaginable, and boasts support for the broadest array of broadcast codecs and containers in the industry.

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For a number of years now, a good bet for a forward-looking, high-quality, versatile video format is h. Also keep in mind that when moving between containers some data streams such as subtitles and chapter data can be lost if the ciletype container doesn’t support them.

I used the MKVtoolnix software to join several files of the MTS format into a single file of the MKV format and the software have accomplished the task without decompressing filetyle rendering the videos.

It’s possible to play them with Mac and Linux machines, but both require additional steps or software programs. Don’t burn a Blu-Ray from a file that’s already been compressed viseo a low resolution file for streaming over the internet, instead create a separate, high resolution, file from your editing software.

When looking for manageable file sizes, lossy compression is the most viable method available. Apparently it was a nightmare – not so much the filming, filetpe the editing.


It’s relatively easy to convert between most non-DRM copy protected video formats with any number of free or low-cost conversion utilities found on the web. If you do transfer between formats, remember that re-compression causes degradation, if quality is of paramount importance, don’t delete the originals, archive them somewhere. Archived from the original on 28 September Optimized for encoding video from sequential bitmap images.

We’ll take a look at some containers and then at some codecs. Please enter your comment! DivX is a commercially sold codec, while XviD fiiletype an open source utility meant to function as an alternative to its commercial cousin. Where does DNxHD fit in this discussion. In addition, online transmission of large video files uses far too much bandwidth although H.

It has actually been like this for years. Clearly my PC doesnt think there is an issue. And even though the companies try hard to deliver robust devices, there will always be gaps — by necessity.

MOV is also nearing the end of its life.

Supported Media for Google Cast

Thanks in advance, Andrea. WMV has been the subject of numerous complaints from users and the press. Why no discussion of H. It is used, among other places, when distributing content from iTunes. This is a very common codec for camcorders and digital video cameras. It is part of the Windows Media framework.

Read Morewe should see less Flash videos online, and the container is most likely going to disappear with it. I have the Debian Linux operating system installed and a popular tool for video editing on such a system is Kdenlive, another alternative is Blender in the video-editing mode. It is targeted towards high-definition video content, at resolutions such as p and p.


Supported Media for Google Cast | Cast | Google Developers

Sounds like you’re a Mac user, so I hope you have Handbrake https: I had been scouring the internet to find what is the best way of editing and fipetype home movies now that DVDs are on the way out. That said, the file size of the video mentioned is irrelevant, because it’s compressed. Apple gets round the huge problems of codec types by locking down to one that “just works”.

However confusing it is now, it used to be worse. Used, for instance, by Photo Story. P Anyway, Handbrake works for Windows as well which is something I didn’t know until drcoder now These devices usually can’t be upgraded, and certainly their hardware can NOT be refreshed, except by buying an entirely new unit.

Interface showing drop down menus for compression type. Short answer, don’t output video to it, but keep a player fideo.

We actually switched from windows to mac. The MOV file is rather useless anymore, but Apple seems rather stuck on forcing us to use it unless we’re uploading directly to YouTube.