Westell/Versalink Gateway W Manual. products/pdf/ The Westell® VersaLink™ Gateway provides reliable. w) u • Read online or download PDF • Westell Technologies Versalink W User Manual. Westell W came out in and is still in use today as a simple and powerful DSL modem. Not only is the Westell W a wireless modem, it is also a wired.

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Don’t show me this message again. If you click on reset, this screen will refresh and display your last saved RIP configuration. Enter text from picture: Click on the clear button to clear all counts and statistics not just latency counts. The screens below show that the file upload has completed and that the Programming Flash is being erased to prepare the Flash storage area for upload of the new file.

In Discard Packets The number of discarded packets received. Brought to you by Techwalla. The following options are displayed. This screen will allow you to set up your account profile. The following instructions explain how to install VersaLink for simultaneous use of Ethernet and Wireless ports.

How to Configure a Westell 327W Modem

Not only is the Westell W a wireless modem, it is also a wired modem that has 4 Ethernet jacks for different computers or other devices. OUT-Fragments The number of successful transmissions made. This feature provides the capability to partition network traffic into multiple priority levels or classes of service. This screen will retrieve the software update file and display any available update information. Simply connect the hardware, apply power, and perform the simple software configuration for VersaLink and you are on the Internet.


Westell Technologies 327W User Manual

Westell W came out in 327q is still in use today as a simple and powerful DSL modem. If you clicked on save, in the preceding DHCP Configuration screen, the following pop-up screen will appear.

All other traffic is prohibited. The USB installation will not function for Macintosh computers. If you click on Cancel, the change will not take effect.

How to Configure a Westell W Modem | It Still Works

Security Level High High security level only allows basic Internet functionality. Success VersaLink has successfully obtained the resolved address. The Locate Driver Files window appears. Select Search for the best driver for your device. The following pop-up screen will appear.

Wait until all of the lights on the modem are green. Windows 98 SE Rev. Select New Location from the Location field. Click on close to accept the changes, or click on add to go back to the Trigger Ports screen and enter additional port range values.

The Getting Started screen will be displayed. If you change any settings in this screen, click manula save. After the computer has restarted, VersaLink is ready for use.

If you mnaual enable, the following pop-up screen will be displayed. If you clicked on OK in the preceding screen, the following screen will be displayed. Consult your ISP for installation instructions. For example, if you want to attach specific NAT services to a profile, or if you want to set up a different connection setting for a profile, you can create new NAT profiles and customize them to your preference.

  DD 1351-2 PDF

Total Dropped Packets Indicates how many packets of this priority have been dropped by QOS due to lack of buffer space or filtering rules. Internet service provider subscriber software manua, connection requirements may vary.

If you clicked on OK in the preceding pop-up screen, the following pop-up screen will appear. Westell recommends that you do not change the settings in the User Defined Firewall Rules screen. The WAN Configuration screen will be displayed. Backup settings are stored in a separate area of flash, not to an external backup source.

A check mark will appear in the box. Broadcast messages are included in the count.


The Host Device screen will allow you to select which device will host the NAT service you selected on your local area network. Enter the appropriate values in the fields manuap click on set. The window below confirms that the PC has finished loading the drivers Figure Indicates whether a static route should be advertised via RIP. Click on the Connect button to establish a PPP session. A label on the bottom of this equipment contains, among other information, the Ringer Equivalence Number REN and the product identifier.