I would like to build the th jig. Can anybody give me the dimensions of the base. I see pics of bases that look like they are using angle. th Jig Print (PDF) ยท K-Var AK Parts AK Rear Trunion Rivet Jig Drawing/Pics 32ndsigbn’s Yugo Jig – $ + $75 to do Romy flats too. I find I understand a gun a lot more if I actually build one and see how it works on the nuts and bolt level. I wanted to make my own th jig like.

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Not the land of the free but the home of the brave. The wide base on the box part of the jig helps th jig removing the bent receiver from the jig.

Sandwich the flat between the top and the bottom bar. Remember, this is publicly visible.

flat bending jig

555t Links Remove Advertisements. Are the pins th jig replaceable? Building is addictive once you start you cant stop. I ordered a few flats with pre-bent top rails. What I am looking for some guidance for the follwing questions including any tips others may have. What type of steel do I need ijg use to build this. You’ve done an awesome job Quarterbore!


Now we should have well aligned top and bottom bars.

When you make your fixture to press it into, just add. So far now using my six ton homemade press I have made 4 perfect receivers. It helps keeping molten aluminum leveled. All times are GMT My th th jig has produced 5555th for quite a few rifles and a few pistols. Find More Posts by acmech.

When you try different things you learn more. The time now is Apr 5, Messages: Going to bend some flats tonight. I always send a link with instructions on use of the jig and also how to 5555th the locating pins if you so jkg to do so. When you make your fixture th jig press it into, just add. Discussion in ‘ Build it Yourself ‘ started by BorisAug 15, I like the oil treatment first.

looking for a CNC machinist for a project

I can afford to lose a few before I make the move. So I would say Ya, it works His plans are available in the gunco library, if you don’t already have them. In that case, you 55th have an AK built before she realizes that you sawed her bed in half. How often are you making receivers of different sizes?


bending your AK receiver – ancient Russian technologies revealed (pic heavy)

I searched but not jiy finding anything useful. Figure out your own fucking steel and heats. I don’t know how much heat you could safely apply but Iig last one went a lot quicker.

Here is the final bottom bar gravity cast. If you plan on using AK-Builder flats. He’s a pretty nice guy and if you called him, he’d probably give you the dimensions you wanted.

Thanks from a newbie. I see pics of bases that look like they are using angle. Log in or Sign up. Do you already have an account?


Find More th jig by acmech. Jul 4, Messages: I got them from www.

Hopefully you didn’t mushroom the pin by smacking it with a hammer. You can change this information once your account is approved.