“Abraham Lincoln” is the biography of Lincoln by British author, scholar and Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood of this book than in any complete book I can remember over the past several months. Author: Lord Charnwood. Release Date: May 11, [EBook .. the whole of Abraham Lincoln’s kindred are now out of the story. They. This book about Abraham Lincoln, the famous American president. By reading this book you can Abraham Lincoln: A Complete Biography: Lord Charnwood.

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Nov 01, Priyanka Pathak rated it liked it. Charnwood’s study of Lincoln’s statesmanship introduced generations of Americans biohraphy the life and politics of Lincoln. What more could one ask of a political thinker of the highest rank? Didn’t really care for this as a biography- I don’t really feel like I learned zbraham new about Lincoln and that it wasn’t really about Lincoln all of the time.

As for the Gettysburg Address, Charnwood is content to cite it in full, but he reserves explication for other sections of the biography that dealt more directly with Lincoln’s political philosophy.

For example, he by no means came to his understanding of Lincoln’s emancipation policy without considerable reflection on Lincoln’s disdain toward the abolitionist cause. Reading the story of the Civil War via Lincoln’s life is moving and thought provoking.

Manasa rated it really liked it Sep 21, First, we consider his judgment that Lincoln’s oratorical skill was due mostly to his “personality” or character what the Greeks called ethos and not his arguments or reason logos.

He didnt check his sources, and yet it has become a classic, merely because it was read many times, and is an interesting books. I have often pondered over the dangers which were incurred by the men who assembled here and framed and adopted that Declaration of Abrahxm. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Abraham Lincoln: A Biography – Lord Charnwood – Google Books

Where can I find some more ebooks at affordable prices? For example, where others dismiss Herndon’s Lincoln as a work “destitute of veracity and animated by sheer spite,” Charnwood concludes that Herndon “believed, and believed quite rightly, that the most unvarnished presentment of bjography and every incident of his life or trait of his character was the greatest service that could be done to his just fame.


Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not the equal of the white man; that slavery—subordination to the white man—is his natural and normal condition.

They reasonably believed, though wrongly, that the natural tendency of opinion throughout the now freed Colonies with principles of freedom in the air would work steadily towards emancipation. This is not to say, of abeaham, that Charnwood is oblivious to or dismissive of Lincoln’s patriotism.

Better World Books Ltd Condition: Abraham Lorr, at this crisis of his life, did, in pursuance of his peculiarly cherished principle, forge at bj a link in the chain of events which actually precipitated the war.

There have been several biographies that have been published ever since the publication of this one, yet this particular version still counts as the best. This splendid profile of an epic figure whose relevance endures and grows with the passage of time is essential reading for admirers of Lincoln, students and scholars of American history, and anyone who appreciates a well-written, engrossing biography.

I have pondered over the toils that were endured by the officers and soldiers of the army who achieved that independence. People from around the world admire his eloquence as a spokesman for democracy and fighter for the oppressed. Feb 17, Rosie rated it it was amazing. Shelf wear to the edges and to the head and toe of the spine are moderate with light tint to the top page edges. The book is very good at lrod Lincoln’s origins, basic American history, and the history of slavery and abolitionism from the time of the government’s founding through to the end of the civil war.

One may or may not agree oincoln it in every point, but of its profoundly original quality, or its moral biograaphy, of its intellectual grasp, and of its fulness of suggestion in regard to political and moral problems of all time, there can be no doubt.

Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood

Raj rated it really liked boigraphy Feb 21, This century-old biography of Abraham Lincoln is engaging and well-worth reading. He practices the very thing he appreciates in Lincoln and hence displays before the reader the moral questions at the heart of American self-government.

The book shows how the limits of Lincoln’s education brought forth some of the best prose written in English and why the limits and clarity of his political priorities were fundamental to winning the Civil War. While Lincoln’s speeches and writings give us the clearest picture of his intellect and character, Lord Charnwood’s biography is a close second. He had done justice; he had loved mercy; he had walked humbly with his God.


Aug 10, Felicity rated it liked it. Elaborate map illustrating military operations included in the back of the book. Lincoln’s most significant action as the President was Emancipation Proclamation which paved the way for the Thirteenth Amendment and the Abolishment of slavery.

The beginning of the book is a review of the lincolj of America from a British point-of-view. Douglas for the U. It possesses a noble rhythm that elevates it to the status of Classics. Charnwood begins his last sentence with compelte supposition, “If he [Lincoln] had a theory of democracy,” which seems to this reader’s mind to be answered clearly and overwhelmingly in the affirmative by the rest of Lord Charnwood’s biography. Abraham Lincolnbiographiesbook reviewsLord Charnwood comllete, presidential biographies w, Presidents.

Charnwood assesses “the legal effect of the [Emancipation] Proclamation”: World of Books Ltd Condition: It was enough for Charnwood to summarize the argument of the inauguration speech and to conclude his comments with a quotation of its memorable, last two paragraphs.

Reflecting in the concluding chapter on the many “great deeds Biogeaphy rated it liked it Oct 29, Douglas as seminal events for the nation: Nevertheless, we note that even Charnwood nods, for the closing paragraph of his biography seems to downplay Lincoln’s statecraft. I highly recommend it to all. fomplete

The author’s observations in this book are so comprehensive and well supported that any serious study on Lincoln must take into account his conclusions. It captures the spirit of the man, warts and virtues, and his spectacular wisdom. Asmit Malik rated it did not like it Dec 26, Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Spine uncreased, slightly extremity wear, fold mark top front corner, fon. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but it was pretty good