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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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The full and complete returned product will be accepted if returned within 60 days of receipt and in salable condition. S1 and S2 concrete. Remember me on this computer. In this way, a quick reference can be made between the graphical section of the drawing and the machine printed bar descriptions. Standard arrangements of ties for various numbers of vertical bars are shown in Fig. Field preparation of ends by flame cutting is satisfactory.

Provides bar supports per customer requirements; and They take the place of a drawing, such as a beam elevation, 7. One alternative method to using spacers is to ship the spiral as a compressed coil and tie it in place in the field.

Bars are grouped separately on the bar list as fol- one plane unless classified as light bending or special lows: The equipment can also produce the shipping tags and all manifest documents.

Where the top ends of column bars are less than 6 ft mm above the top of footings or pedestals, the bars should extend into the footings or pedestals. Orientation of reinforcing steel in two-way symmetrical columns shall be 135-80 when reinforcing zci is not two-way symmetrical. Dowel erection details are required for any design between each tied group of three and between a tied group and a corner bar.


For example, they must plainly show whether the cover dimension specified on a girder is the clear distance from the main reinforcing steel or the clear distance from the stirrups. If the joint is confined by structural members meeting special requirements, lesser amounts of transverse reinforcement can be used.

A separate placing drawing and bar list are usually made for each component. The designa- schedules, material lists, and bending details.

ACI 99 Details Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement | Ayman Hosny –

Transverse hoop reinforcement, as for high-risk seismic columns, shall be provided in the joints. Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? For regions of high seismic risk.

Bars to be spliced by noncontact lap splices in layed, or between various units of structures. The regular tag is often consumed in the galvanizing process, leaving the metal tag for permanent identification.

Work is the result of performing services, furnishing labor, and furnishing and incorporating materials and equipment into the construction, 3315-80 required by the contract documents. Transportation; color to suit job conditions should be added if necessary. Orientation that can be met with standard shop equipment. Bars to be spliced by noncontact lap splices in flexural members shall not be spaced transversely more than the smaller of one-fifth the length of lap and 6 in.

Where the design requires closed stirrup-ties for shear, the closure may consist of overlapped, standard 90 degree end hooks of one- or two-piece stirrups, or properly spliced pairs of U-stirrups. Spacing for ai latter also applies to butt- spliced two-bar bundles.

In the past, during the course of developing placing 315-8, 1. Tie patterns shown may accomodate additional single bars between tied 6 in. Where the physical conditions of the job are such that either Avi, A, G, or H of the hook is a controlling dimension, it must be so noted on the drawings, schedules, and bar lists.


In this regard, it is actually instructions on the contract documents. It then establishes certain standards of practice for both the structural and placing drawings. Reinforcing bars must be individually identified on placing drawings. These items are not eligible for return. Columns at floor levels where the vertical reinforce- than six points acj one plane, or bars that are bent in more ment cannot be offset bent and extended; and than one plane unless special bending, see belowall 7.

Show sections for industry practice, practical considerations, and research re- beam-column joints, where necessary. There are two well-recognized sets of standard sizes. It also defines cial requirement is established in the contract documents, standard hook Section 7.

SP(04): ACI Detailing Manual

For the convenience of both the contractor and fabricator, reinforcing steel is detailed, fabricated, and delivered by units, which generally consist of building components, such as acj, walls, columns, each floor, and roof.

Reinforcing steel for larger structures is sometimes detailed, fabricated, and delivered by units, for example, footings, abutments, piers, and girders. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Values of tension ld and tension lap splice before erection. Fabricates reinforcing steel; acceptable practice to detail footings, columns, beams, and 5.