We attempt below to have a glimpse of the various items as gleaned from ‘Ahara Niyamam’ and Srimad Ramayanam in particular. It should be understood that. Anbil’s very informative series on “AhAra-niyamam” (dietary regimen) the recent posts of some members on “coffee” are very interesting to read. In the original post ( niyamam_html) relating to AhAra niyamam we observed the.

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I have one doubt More we avoid more it helps spiritual progress. Therefore I conclude the brew is verily the form of the Lord Himself. Every one of us can try to adhere to the principles as much as we can.

Vegetables taken from other’s garden without permission, portion that is set aside for oneself prior to the partaking of the rest of the group, foods that are exceedingly bitter, salty, pepper hot, or sour.

Full text of “SS Ahara Niyamam”

Athi Varieties – Nuyamam Racemosa 2. These are the consumable list adiyen heard from my acharyan. Of items that have turned sour, the following can be taken – curds, butter, fruits that became sour due to contact with water, roots, flowers and pickles made out niyqmam these vide Manu Smriti and Srimad Ramayana. Items prohibited on hygienic and prophylactic grounds like our not using tooth brushes used by others Spittle and food contaminated with spittle Food contaminated by flies, worms, hair, fingernails etc.

All nyamam must understand that there are two kinds of foods, those that are ennobling saathveeka and those that are debasing thaamasa. The vEdhaantha dEsikar, the one with the grace of YathiirAjar stood like a lion and triumphed over many debating adversaries; researched the vEdhaas and saasthraas, with the view to guide us in choosing foods that ennoble us and avoid foods that debase us and has given us this prabhandam called aagaara niyamam.


Could you confirm if they’re allowed?

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan ( List Archives)

Dip in the ocean is permitted on full moon day and new moon day. It is said No for aval but wasn’t that given by Kuchelar to Lord Krishna? Kadambu Eugenica Racemosa In the villages even today farmers are known to consume this brew in the morning and proceed to their fields for harvest where they labour for hours under the scorching sun.

He is known as the “old-Groom” ahafa SriVaishnava theology and poetry Foods seen or touched by dogs 7. Sarathy Thothathri 16 February at Our AchAryas have set a path for us by using some food items and avoiding some – we can easily observe this by seeing what vegetables and food items are used in temples hiyamam white crystal sugar and few other vegetables have made entry niyamamm temples in recent past – but those are easily identifiable as recent additions by learned persons.

Ramanuja Dasan 5 February at Perhaps like Tulasi which some say is only offered to Vishnu only, like that Sitaphal is not offered to Vishnu but could be offered to Devi? I think this is problematic and some education on what the correct sugar is should be explained in detail. Medicines prescribed by physicians, flower, vellam, wheat old aharw that is soaked in clean water may be taken with buttermilk, ghee, milk, yogurt 20 PAASURAM: Punnakku Oil cake Very early office-goers too used to favour it.


Its used in sambar all the time.

coffee, AhAra-niyamam and Sriman Narayanan

It would help follow it better. Again in NaimishAranyam in Uttar Pradesh the form of Lord Niyamaam is said to be seen in the dark, lush and lovely woods there In most households in those days, womenfolk always deliberately erred on the safe side in cooking rice for supper.

I feel both practices are incorrect. Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V.

So perhaps this list of foods was written with this sort of thinking in mind. Therefore, one must approach learned people and get your doubts clarified. Just very niyammam pieces. Certain flowers are meant for certain deities.

He has given another list of exceptions and relaxations under which even some of the prohibited items could be consumed niyamaj also yet another list of items that can be consumed freely without restrictions. During times of lunar and solar eclipse all waters will be considered equal to gangaa water; Water in rivers, even if it carries horses, donkeys and cadaver, will become purified with current. Foods smelt by animals or people Foods touched by people with disease Foods that are not offered with kindness Foods contacted by fly, worm, thread, hair, and nail Foods offered by sanyaasi or touched by his vessel Foods touched by the mouth of people, rats, chicken, crow, and cat.

Similarly in Pushkaram in Rajasthan, The Lord is said to be “jala-rupiyan”