*AIMCAT hits the ground today.* *It is an Uninvigilated AIMCAT to be held from 4th to 8th June, # Please update you actual scores in the Poll. We have AIMCAT starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about (Scores, Read posts, connect with users. (Page 30). F – 00 _RJEZMTU_ Aimcat pdf download -?? CIS – Web Development for Educators CIS HTML Tutorials 3 & 4.

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These are useful ways of remembering the meanings of words you may have just learnt. I changed my strategy a little bit for this aimcat, wherein i attempted almost all the medium and easy questions and got them right and did not attempt the difficult ones.

They are not given in the time material. Avg time of minutes should be fixed. Learning words from a vocabulary list does nt seem effective. Sir, I have been consistently scoring bad in section 1.

This needs discipline and that needs practice. Sir, i am not able to distinguish between hard,easy, and difficult question in DI section. Attempt it if you have time and who knows, you might get it right! This loop of feedback and learning will certainly fetch you dividends.

AIMCAT 1315 – Season 2012-13 ( Please don’t open if you have not taken the test )

Go through the sub-area wise analysis, which is given after the results are declared. That could be one reason. You are welcome and all the best.

Continue to read as a great reading habit will help you do well in this entire section. The strategy of either solving it aimct Method A: It is a fair indication of your ability to select the right questions and also of the gaps in your preparation you need to address. Is vocabulary of difficult words necessary for scoring in VA? Your aim should be to understand the concepts involved, as thoroughly as possible and apply them in solving problems. With 3 months to go how exactly should i study 4 section 1?


Chat Transcript

Even for questions from areas which have not been covered, do attempt them. I am bba student. Divide these 4 hours into small units throughout the day. It is a difficult state to attain rightaway but you should strive to attain that level in every test you take. Pls take as many online practice tests as possible. Rather than taking a formula-based approach, I would suggest you understand the basic principles and properties involved of various geometrical shapes.

The more problems you practise, the better you would get.

F 1315 – 00 _RJEZMTU_

Considering that there is still a lot of time left, you can make a big improvement in your aptitude. That gives you more exposure to the right approaches to solving. DO not spend time mugging up the meanings of difficult words.

This way, you will improve. What should be the best approach for preparing for VA? YES The last sentence can generally reiterate the idea or repeat a keyword differently given in the first sentence. Aimmcat make the most mistakes in paragraph jumbling questions. There is no fixed min or max time. That is the only way. What do you need it for? While it is good to know you want to improve economics, you have to first clear the CAT or whichever exam ajmcat take.

Refer to 1351 chat transcript. Also, approach your faculty with doubts Yes good to do all 2 sections daily. Aimcat Analysis is done objectively without the knowledge of results as it would then become a biassed one.


After every aimcat you should ask yourself – ‘Which questions could I not attempt and why? Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists.

Do not waste time on Suggest a suitable title, Multiple choice questions eg. You have to target to score as much as possible in both the sections so that your over score is the max possible. You should not be trying to out-guess the cut-off, the strategy should always tend towards maximising your overall score.

Look at the approach for R. When you appear for an AIMCAT, invigilated or otherwise, you should elevate your state of mind to a level where nothing around you should matter. What you should focus on is not the scores but your work 115 the way you prepare, the analysis you do after every aimcat.

F – 00 _RJEZMTU_

Also sometimes it feels v difficult to juggle between CAT and Aaimcat studies.! Which areas should I focus more to have a consistent performance, and compensate for the late start.

The more diverse your reading habit, the better off you will be. Count the average aimcaat of summary Qs that have appeared in CAT over the years Ideally hw much time on an average should I fix for section 1 questions. Try to write less on paper, and think more in the mind.

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