nne number of solutions of the equation 3p + 4q = 70, where p and qare positive integers and p > q, is. (A) 4. (C) 3 AIMCAT Question. Uploaded by. Hi, Slot booking for AIMCAT has will be conducted anyone has solution of aimcat do respond will provide email if u have. THANKS. estallar When will the results be out for AIMCAT ?? asim: they will be deepak: Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould.

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Is the TIME AIMCAT test series sufficient for CAT preparation? – Quora

I am really trying hard but am making lot of negetives. Still, the results were not out and we were not given the sols also. Though am a working professional, am managing time and doing my practice daily for CAT. The drop down list shows only ,19 and This despite doing the exercices from SM Then what do u do? Ximcat have a very good chance for top Bschool.

N i will be graduate in july What should i do now? Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult soluions.

Will it hamper my chances? Could you please suggest in this regard? If you are still unable to crack it then refer to the solutions given and try to understand the concept.


Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

If there will be a single exam than it would solutiions CAT only? Which institute has the best test series package for CAT? Sir for batch cmat would be conducted twice a year? Shop Now at guard. Thanks a lot ramnath Sir ramnath: I am giving GMAT day after 2mrw. Aimcxt am not getting enough of time to prepare. Practice in this manner will give you the familiarity that will help you combine this process with choice elimination, so that you get quicker at dealing with such questions. AIMCATs are meant to expose you to a variety of questions and models so that you are prepared to tackle anything that is thrown at you in the exam.

Practising this way will build your confidence and it will aimcta be only a matter of time before you crack the LR part.

But everytime I says to myself that I can do it. For preparation on General Awareness, in addition to reading newspapers regularly, it would be advisable for a student to prepare from the 11317 sources: So if your are targeting these exams you should solve level-2 of Soltuions sectional test. You may try the strategy of scanning a section for 5 min and then attempting the easy ones.


The level is below CAT or any other standard exam.

Benefits of taking as many mocks as possible are. If it is quant calculation accuracy, try looking at Speed maths practice. Dear ibanez, we always have the best interests of our students in mind.

By being resolute, a little introspection should help. Ask New Question Sign In.

AIMCAT 1317:Discussion Thread

You must graduate to the higher level of difficulty level by practicing the questions provided in Online Sectional Tests.

That will give more time to plan in case solutilns go wrong some where. Kindly follow the exact subject of a chat!! Then read the passage carefully and try and eliminate atleast two options.

This question has been answered at various times in solutionns Chat. I’m completely dreadful at time management. Sir i am able to score only in verbal. You need to pick up various logic and approaches to the questions. Which is the best Test series available for XAT? The chat is not only about the results.