AirStash® Model A02 User Manual – Read more about airstash, your, that, this, wireless and with. maxell air stash manual 4 Preface Congratulations on purchasing AirStash! Please read this manual in its entirety before using your AirStash. This manual. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online. AirStash. A02 Card Reader pdf manual download.

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While charging, a yellow LED fades on and off. This should match the version number of the upgrade file you used for the upgrade.

This device is itriguing. This will work directly with the operating system, and should play video on the projector. This seems to be a great product all around!

Hands On with the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive

Insert a preferably empty memory card into your AirStash. After the upgrade, eject your AirStash properly and perform the following factory reset procedure: The download link for the firmware update file appears after the firmware update. Ways to use an AirStash abound.

The AirStash can move documents on, and off of the drive, however it requires support from the application. Maual that this update could disable your device if you do not follow the instructions exactly as written. AirStash is a USB stick that plugs into any computer for transferring content. Airstas the update completed successfully, the Aidstash should remount onto your computer and the update air This is vitally important.

It only creates them. To prevent this issue, please make sure AirStash is fully charged and do not disturb the AirStash unit until the update is complete.

Connect your AirStash to a computer. Notebook users, accustomed to the ease of connectivity via built-in USB ports and card slots, have been known to clench their teeth adjusting to a world of Apple-induced roadblocks endemic with iOS devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods.


Maxell A02 Quick Start Manual

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manuzl It is an extra step, but this free application will give you the two way transfer you are looking for with your photos, as well as documents. My memory quickly fills up if my vacation is longer than two weeks. Wait until your AirStash appears as a drive on your computer.

But my needs are quite simple. You must use a 32GB airstwsh smaller SD card for this upgrade. At nearly nine hours after turning on the diminutive server, the AirStash finally went dark. Making the assumption that you have a perfect The innovative product works as advertised. About now you might be scratching your head over the value added regarding a device that could as easily be plugged into a USB port without the computer simultaneously forfeiting its wireless Internet connection or, in the case of an iOS device, simply buying an Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit for transferring photos from an inserted SD card.

You can use it to stream or copy files, but I was unable to move files from my iPad to the AirStash. Click here to download air I realize that this device has built in wifi capability, but can I view pictures on my iPad without access to wifi?

Maxell air stash manual Try it again, or try a different SD card. A02 airstash is a very nice addition to overcome memory problems. This drive can still work for your needs, but will require a mnaual party application. View and Download Maxell A02 quick start manual online.

This is most likely due to the way that the application plays video. The AirStash is an interesting device. Drag the firmware update file air Please update your device software using the included Maxell branded card or a 32GB or lower capacity card.


On a Mac, aitstash the AirStash drive on your desktop and right click on it, then choose eject. And I was able to carry my iPod touch as far as feet away in an open but crowded office without losing the signal.

Hey Andy, Not sure why you are getting that error. You must airsyash change their Wi-Fi settings back to the network normally deployed. If this USB device can do this, can I transfer pics more than one at a manuql The drive has a range of up to feet away when server and client are in line-of-sight.

I checked my iPod to make sure the stream was still available. Once chosen, the AirStash becomes a portable server, ready to wirelessly stream or copy files to your device.

AirStash® Support

The airstash support were not helpful. This manual describes how to set up and use your AirStash, describes how to troubleshoot problems, and contains maxell air stash manual On this page you find the Maxell AirStash A02 manual. On this page you find the Maxell AirStash A02 manual. Is this a device that I can use while on a cruise, when I don’t have access to wifi. If you have any questions about your Memory card that are not answered in the manual, please share your question in the troubleshooting section on the buttom of this page.

Who’s hand is that in the pictures?