dbx is a tool for source-level debugging and execution of programs. It allows you to determine the exact statement that caused a core dump, or to monitor the. A Short User Manual for dbx. “dbx” is the name of the debugger that is available for use on many Unix systems. This document is intended to list the most. There is a fancier X-windows interface for AIX, invoked with the command xde, The dbx debugger is able to track the execution of your program line-by-line in the first at the file containing the main program and is waiting for instructions.

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The number of thread-level breakpoints specified by the Number parameter is skipped for the running thread. Use this subcommand if a symbol needs to be interpreted in a way not consistent with the current language. The remaining tskip count, which was set using the tskip subcommand for a thread, can be deleted using the tskip flag. Prints a long word manuak decimal.

Use the status subcommand to view these numbers. The Arguments are passed as command-line arguments. To change the program counter address to address 0xb4enter:. The plugin subcommand passes the command specified by the Command parameter to the plug-in specified by the Name parameter. This allows the user to tailor dbx ‘s operational behavior during this phase of the dbx startup process. The thread specified must exist at the time as the creation of the event.

The mutex subcommand displays information about mutexes. The executable-file argument is an load module produced by a compiler.


dbx — Use the debugger

The resource subcommand displays information about which resources pthreads currently hold or are waiting on. Multiple substitutions are separated by colons.

The info option produces more detailed output about a thread, from the user thread structure. If start and end frames for individual threads are not specified, stack frames are displayed by the global start and end frame numbers. The ignore subcommand stops the trapping of a specified signal before that signal is sent to the application program.

The numbering of the stack frames starts from the currently active function stack frame the function frame that is currently active is always numbered 0. The trace begins only if Condition is true. It then checks for a.

The dynamic scope is used if the name is not defined in the first scope. For more information, see enable subcommanddelete subcommandand status subcommand. Causes the dbx command to skip the validity checking of the core file. Display the full qualifications of symbols which subcommand for dbx: All flags except off enable dbx to follow an exceed process. The number of lines displayed are specified in one of following ways:.

Prints the machine instruction. Displays information about all or selected condition variables. You override an expression type by using a renaming or casting operator. The program is stopped when:.

The information displayed by the thread subcommand in both the formats is described below. Also, see the tracei subcommand. You can carry out operations such as the following: The gotoi subcommand changes the program counter address to the address specified by the Address parameter. See the gotoi subcommand, tnexti subcommand, and the tstep subcommand. The default is 10 lines. The if Condition flag is included, and the Condition is true.


Lists descriptions of dbx subcommands for machine-level debugging.

The dbx debugger

Displays condition variables which have no ebx threads. Specifies a starting source line for the listing. If the Arguments parameter is not specified, the arguments from the last run or rerun subcommand are reused. Use the -B flag when the size of the debug section is large. The enable subcommand enables traces and stops associated with debug events.

See the cont subcommand, the goto subcommand, tnext subcommand, the set subcommand, and the tstepi subcommand. Runs a thread up to the next machine instruction. Continues execution of application and exits the debug program. Continue from the current maunal point source subcommand for dbx: Interprets addresses in hexadecimal. As a result of the hardware limitation allowing only a single watchpoint to be set, an active thread watchpoint event acts as a conflict when attempting to create another hardware watchpoint event for the same thread using tstophwp and ttracehwp.

The EventNumber parameter specifies the event from which the dbx subcommands are to be removed. The numbering of the stack frame starts from the currently active function stack frame which is always numbered 0.

dbx Command

See the rerun subcommand. Item Wix joinable Indicates whether the thread can be joined or not. Specifies the condition for example, true. Indicates the memory address of the mutex.

Redirects output to File. Turns off the goto subcommand destination checking.