Embed Tweet. Replying to @promillepoesie. @iruoyHB Aktualisierungsantrag stellen. Eltern essen nur Kartoffeln mit Quark. 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. Reply. However, the AKAFÖ is not only in charge of the BAföG related issues. .. a so- called updating application (Aktualisierungsantrag) can be made using form 7. Sie haben keinen Anspruch auf Bundesausbildungs-Förderung (BAföG) oder Berufsausbildungs-Beihilfe (BAB). Falls Sie in einer Eigentums-Wohnung oder.

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Study abroad in EU member states or Switzerland As far as the EU member states or Switzerland are concerned, it is possible to study either completely or partly abroad.

Eigenes Geld Verdienen Englisch

No aktualisierujgsantrag is possible during a semester off. Foreign funding is usually granted for a maximum of one year. Kopie Ihres Personalausweises oder Ihres Reisepasses. If the application arrives later, financial assistance is granted from the actual receipt date. The amount of Federal Financial Assistance as a social benefit depends primarily on your own income and assets. A return to Germany is also possible to obtain a degree aktualsiierungsantrag Germany. Do you rely on continuous financing of your studies?

Wie viele andere Personen leben in Ihrem Haushalt und wie hoch ist deren Einkommen? This repayable loan amounts to a maximum of 10, The repayment obligation depends on the income, i. On request, to be submitted within one month after receipt of the loan reimbursement notice, there are different types of loan remission, e. In such cases, again the maximum funding period is subject to the respective periods of aktualisierungsantfag of the German educational institution.


What do I have to consider on filling in the application form? A decisive factor is thereby not the date of posting, but aktualisieruhgsantrag receipt stamp of the Student Union.

The foreign funding period is not calculated into the period of domestic funding, however, it will be extended by the foreign funding aktulaisierungsantrag to the maximum of 1 year. Basic consultation Standort Recklinghausen: The Federal Office of Administration is responsible for the collection of the loan. Minimum duration period A minimum study duration period is six months, i.

All forms can be downloaded from this website under the heading “Forms”.

Download bafög aktualisierungsantrag nachzahlung PDF |

The Federal Education Loan read more. The equivalence of inland and foreign studies is absolutely required. Those who study abroad from the beginning of study up to the acquisition of a foreign degree can be funded the same way as in Germany. However, the study regulations of the foreign educational institution shall apply then. KfW – Student Loan read more. You might also like Financial support can be excluded if a diploma degree, a state examination degree, a Master or another MA Degree had been obtained before.

Financial assistance is provided from the beginning of the month in which the education is started, which is usually the beginning of the semester or a study-related upstream internship.

The first change of faculty until the beginning of the 4th Semester does not influence the financial support. Wohngeld – Bewilligung – Antragsannahme Lastenzuschuss. When should I make an application? Further information on requirements, application and funding can be obtained directly from the respective foundations. Suche auf der Internetseite ‘Service-Portal Berlin’: Higher income, in particular additional income from orphan’s pension etc.


However, one must have previously studied in Germany at least one year and the stay abroad has to be beneficial for the inland study. Study abroad aktulisierungsantrag EU member states or Switzerland A study abroad or an internship outside the EU member states or Switzerland can also be funded.

Biochemistry an der Uni Bonn – Studis Online

A good education is a basis of professional success. What determines the amount of the Federal Financial Assistance? These documents shall be submitted not later than within 4 semesters after the maximum funding period or the extended funding period. Where do you study? Eligible Training Basically only first training is eligible, however, under certain conditions, a further training may be supported.

Credits from banks and saving banks read more.

Wohngeld – Bewilligung Antragsannahme Mietzuschuss

Trainees who are involved in an independent degree programme no supplementary or post-graduate programme can receive study funding exceeding the maximum funding period by maximum 12 months as final degree assistance. Gifted or particularly engaged students may apply for scholarships to fund their studies.

However, any education implicates financial burdens. Basically, the foreign funding covers the same amount you could also get in your home country.