Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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The most wonderful thing of all is, that there is a window in the heart from whence it surveys the world. In the same way that the spirit pervades all the limbs and the body, and the body is entirely subject to its control, and that the spirit is indivisible, while the body is divisible, so also in relation to God, all that exists, happineas from him, all creatures exist by his word, and in all possible things his operations are seen, yet still he is not related to place, nor does he reason about anything, and he is free from relation or affinity to any quality of bodies or to quantity.

Some of his thoughts are e As a writer Al-Ghazali is quite talented, the point he wants to convey he does so effortlessly and with simplicity. If his head pain him, he knows not the cause or the remedy. If you look at the form of man, you see that haappiness is skin, drawn over blood and impurity….

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The heart of man, veiled with the garments of heedlessness, forgot the assembly with which it had been familiar, and imagining that this miserable place was to be its mansion of rest, it chose to establish itself here in this world of perdition, as if this was its home.

It is a substance of which it is difficult to apprehend the essence. Ghazzali other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

So long as the spirit works in equilibrium, it is capable of delicate operations and effects; but so soon as excess of heat or cold destroys the equilibrium, the exhaled fluid is diminished, and it becomes incapable of movement and sensation…. And because they have not succeeded in understanding him, they have referred his acts and his government to the stars and to nature. While perusing these pages, and noticing how much of the language of Ghazzali corresponds in its representations of God, of a holy life and of eternity, with the solemn instructions to which we have listened from our infancy, we may think of the magicians who imitated the miracles of Moses with their enchantments.


The tongue was formed like a spoon to throw the food into the throat. After you have learned, O student of the divine ghazai, what this world in its meaning really is, it is important that you should look at the world in detail. The practical religion taught in these homilies will give a favorable opinion of the state of mind of the more intelligent Mussulmans. And further, your internal qualities are distributed into animal, ferocious, demoniacal and angelic qualities.

The modern world is all about ‘be yourself, happpiness yourself, discover yourself, assert yourself’ but it doesn’t really tell us what the ‘self’ is.


But if he incline towards the world, and retain only the qualities of animals and wild beasts, his future state will be worse even than theirs. If he pass all his days in attending to the preservation of the body, and spend the capital of his life, in providing food and drink for the body, he happinrss not reach the mansions of felicity, but will wander in the wilderness of destruction, without capital, penniless and a naked vagabond.

Still it is not permitted to us to know what the spirit is in its real nature and in its essence, as God says in his Holy Word: They merely wear the garments, cap and quilted robes of the mystics soofeesand after learning some of their words and phrases, they pretend to have attained saintship and supernatural powers.

By knowledge it subdues the elephant, the camel and the tiger. In addition to these instruments, there was need of means to guide in their ghasali use, that is, for happinesd internal senses. Love of this world and the next are quite hard, perhaps impossible to exist in parallel.

There is, however, a mystery regarding the future world, which the holy law has not authorized to be explained or to be mentioned, because it could not possibly be understood. At the time when the heart of man had control over all the organs and members, and they were all obedient to it, some thought that man was a dweller in his own heart. Each internal and external organ has various curious uses, of which man is entirely uninformed.


He made the cupola of the brain, which is the source of the nerves and the mine of the faculties, to be like the vault of heaven and the stars. Even if thou shouldst call them to the right way, they would never follow it. The contemplation of the works of God is by means of the senses, which become the key to all knowledge of God. It all depends, however, on the will of God. No person is able to work at all kinds of trades, but by the will of God, upon one is devolved one art and upon another two, and the whole community is made dependent, one member upon the other.

Hence, every man glories in what he knows, even if the thing is but of little importance. It is plain, then, that a knowledge of the future world cannot be acquired, until we have learned the true nature of the two spirits.

The enjoyment of the eye consists in the view of correct images and agreeable objects. The sun is warm and dry; the moon is cold and moist.

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They resemble, beloved, a person who having heard it said that alchemy hapipness of more value than gold, because that whatsoever thing should be touched with the philosophers’ stone would turn to gold, should be proud of the idea and should be carried away bh a passion alchemu alchemy. Loved the essences and sensations found in this book.

For they turn to dust, and are delivered from pains and torment. If you wish, O seeker of the way! In this revelation of the invisible world, the windows of the heart are opened, and what others may have seen in a dream, he in this state sees in reality. If a fly or mosquito molest him, he cannot get rid of it. Written by one the most influential Muslim scholars of medieval times, Imam Ghazzali, this book is undoubtedly a master piece.

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