When Aldo published his book Double Decker (routines with two decks of cards) little did he know what he was getting into. He really enjoyed studying the. Ten more routines with two decks of cards CONTENTS DOUBLE S ENTENDRE Ken Krenzel Two decks and two spectators Every action is performed with the. Ten more routines with two decks of cards Contents TWO-DECK CARD TRICK U F Grant A spectator shuffles a deck and picks a card You count to the value of.

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Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros.

You exchange the decks. They match your cards in the glasses! A spectator shuffles one deck and you shuffle the other at the same time you glimpse the bottom card. You place three blue-backed cards into three glasses. The Other Brothers Most of them having the premise of the above described effect; This is what Karl Fulves has to say in regard to the basic effect, “The premise of the two-deck trick is that if each of two parties gets a deck of cards and each chooses a card or cards in the same way, then each person will choose the same card or cards.


KnockOuts by Aldo Colombini. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It is amazing how many I found! A version of the traditional Do As I Do theme without the initial exchange of the decks. You and the spectator cut two decks three times and your three cards match the spectator’s selections. Have a question about this product?

Featured Specials test All products. A deck is shuffled and a spectator sorts the cards face up according to colors. Read our privacy policy. Study each effect and see for yourself how much interest and how much dceker can be found in such a simple premise.

Pages 24 – 8. A spectator cuts a red-backed deck and takes three cards.

If not otherwise indicated, most of the routines use a red-backed deck and a blue-backed one. The spectator takes the card he has seen in the other deck and places it on the table. Have a question about this product?

The two cards match. From the other alldo a spectator picks a card. Maybe we will be able, together, to produce a third volume on the subject. In my quest I collected about a hundred tricks and routines using two decks of cards or three, as we’ll see. Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. You dluble spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.


Double Decker: Routines with Two Decks of Cards by Aldo Colombini :

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Then he spells the name of the same card in another deck and finds the duplicate of the decekr. Packet Trick Picks by Aldo Colombini. Take a look at our Return Policy.

Your Aces find the four Aces in the other deck! Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Magic Tricks

They pick a card and each spectator finds the other spectator card! Feel free to contact us. You place three blue-backed cards into three glasses. Special Offers View the range. Generally speaking, there’s only one trick that is very well known with two decks of cards among magicians; you know what I’m talking about: