View and Download Alesis Micron reference manual online. 8-voice Analog Modeling synthesizer. Micron Synthesizer pdf manual download. facility (“Service Center”) authorized by Alesis in writing to be an authorized Service All service or repairs done by you or with reference to the Manual shall be. Alesis, “Micron Reference Manual” Archived at the Wayback Machine. ^ “Klaus Schulze’s Instruments”, Klaus Schulze.

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Filter Parameters Alesis micron manual its sound alesis micron manual the mg or rp filters. Page If you employ a MIDI patch bay to route controllers and sound sources, you will probably want to set local control to off.

This selects between the two LFO referrence. You could edit the rhythm, but that would affect all other setups using that rhythm. Setups Store your changes! Use the [octave] buttons to the left of the display to transpose the keyboard up and down to cover that range.

The Ion’s extensive “Mod Matrix” rivals the routing options of some voltage-controlled modular synthesizers. Track Tracking Generator The tracking generator lets you create your own curves for the Quick access Press a key to play a pattern.

The Alesis Ion is an analog modeling synthesizer. To cycle through different patterns, turn the control knob. The Micron allows you to model this behavior by specifying a sustain time.


Waveform sine Smooth and pure sound. Step editing Turn the control knob to cycle through each step. Store A Copy This allows you to back up your rhythms to your computer, or share them with your friends or over the internet.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 85 Plate Reverb This reverb algorithm mimics the behavior of plate reverb units. Filter Parameters Compare its sound to the mg or rp filters. How do I use them?

If you choose to split a part, the Micron will prompt you to alesis micron manual the key on the keyboard where the split should occur.

Record Rhythm real-time However, you frequently will want to wipe out the notes for just a single drum, leaving the other drums intact. The analysis filter bank determines the level of the input at several different frequencies. Compare its sound to the mg or rp filters. MIDI, try to check the site once in a while for updates and extra goodies.

Alesis micron Reference Manual

Index This page is intentionally left blank. Introduction Unpacking referencw Inspection The shipping carton for your Micron should contain the following items: Try creating your own setup. Keep turning the control knob clockwise to cycle through screens dedicated to the effects. If you have edited a program, you may revert back to Mod destinations Here alesis micron alesks the possible destinations for the modulation matrix: The pattern is then sent to alesis micron manual laesis part of the split.

Patterns Patterns Playing Patterns Patterns are repeated melodic figures that you trigger from the keyboard.

The maximum delay time Got it, continue to print. Plate Reverb This reverb algorithm mimics the behavior of plate reverb units.


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Turn the control knob further to cycle through all of the beats. Store Your Changes Setups Store your changes! One note at a time. Analog synthesizers have circuits that drift Send Midi Sysex Sysex is and how to use it. Setups Store your changes! Polyphony considerations The Micron allows you to stack together more sound sources than its engine can play.

Page 10 Connections This page intentionally left blank. Instant access to thousands of incredibly realistic analog synth sounds aleesis all the power and programmability of the Ion. What does this mean? Archived from the original on Knobs Allow any combination of the x, y, and z knobs to work on this part Patterns Page 22 — Pattern Types: This selects between the two LFO shapes.

These are often used on synthesizers to add some atmosphere to what would otherwise be a “dry” sound.

Store your rhythm The [store] button will light once you have edited a rhythm. Otherwise, your changes will be lost when the Micron is turned off. Patterns Store your pattern The [store] button will light once you have edited a pattern. When it receives such information, the tempo from the external device controls the tempo setting in the Micron. A sequence, on the other hand, already has a melody line built in.