The Empire of the Moghul novels span the epic rise and fall of one of the Alex Rutherford’s internationally bestselling series continues with the story of the third . The complete series list for – Empire of the Moghul Alex Rutherford. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Alex Rutherford tells their epic story for the first time. landscapes that inspired and formed the real-life heroes and heroines of the Empire of the Moghul series.

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The Black Flag Simon Scarrow. A combination of battlefield defeats from Bengali ruler Sher Shah and treachery from his half-brothers Kamran and Askari leave Humayun with only the Afghan portions of the empire.

And with Khurram and his half-brothers each still determined to be their father’s heir, the savage battle for the Moghul throne will be more ferocious than even Timur could have imagined A new emperor, Aurangzeb, sits on India’s glittering Peacock Throne – the throne he seized from his father while the old emperor still lived.

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The third in the new Roman pirate series of ebook novellas from the Sunday Times bestselling authors Simon Scarrow and T. And two brave heroes of the Roman army face the challenge of their lives. Though merciful to his siblings, their recurrent treachery forces Humayun to exile Askari and Kamran via a hajj to Meccawith Kamran being blinded on Humayun’s orders. The letter is from a young mother, begging to be rescued from St Margaret’s. When Ivy Jenkins falls pregnant she is sent in disgrace to St Margaret’s, a dark, brooding house for unmarried mothers.


Archived from the original on Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of He tells himself that everything he has done has been necessary – moral, even. Just as the heirs of Timur the Great share intelligence, physical strength and utter ruthlessness, they also have a great weakness for wine and opium.

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The Sunday Times bestsellerAD Our Books See all Books. Can civil war be averted? Other information Sign up to Newsletters Visit our communities Browse our imprints. There’s no running away once a ship is mkghul sea – and when a pirate fleet appears on the horizon, Telemachus’s troubles have just begun Keep me logged in on this computer. There’s a catch, though: Headline Invader Simon Scarrow, T.

Rutherford’s glorious, broad-sweeping adventure in the wild lands of the Moghul sees the start of a wonderful series Initially, Audrey is sure the girls are being abducted, but as events accumulate ruthergord begins to wonder if something else is at work.

Empire of the Moghul Series by Alex Rutherford

Empire of the Moghul: Bloody battles, brutal killings and treachery – what more could you ask for? Views Read Edit View history. He has paid for it with blood: It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. A historical fiction thriller that’ll have you reaching for your gladius’ Daily Sport. An unlucky thirteen years after the Black Death, plague returns to England.

And who will seize this moment for their own dark ends? Raiders From the North Alex Rutherford.

Headline Review The Girl in the Letter: The bravery and skill of the Roman army will be tested to the limit. Samantha Harper is a journalist desperate for a break. But the exercise of great power is isolating.


Empire of the Moghul Series

More books by Alex Rutherford. With St Margaret’s set for demolition, Sam has only hours to piece together a sixty-year-old mystery before the truth, which lies disturbingly close to home, is lost for ever With many enemies, he had no one to trust, with his own milk-mother and brother planning to plot against him. Allies cannot be trusted and foes lurk on all sides. Log In Members Login.

The writing is as compelling as the events described and kept me eagerly leaping from one page to the next – Wilbur Smith. The battle scenes are exciting He must rely on himself and the knowledge that there are more ways to subdue a man than on the battlefield.

The crofters are suspicious and hostile to a stranger, claiming they no longer know their fireside stories. Hunters of the Sea Simon Scarrow. A clear case of mistaken identity, or so it first appears. This series has developed into a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of a great and glorious dynasty. Looking for beautiful books? Its horrors are vividly told but with an underlying sense of human resilience and hope’. View high res cover image.