Rak was one of four men who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Photo. In August of , twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in. The Allagash abductions is one of those UFO stories that stand out from all the others. It is considered one the top UFO stories in the United.

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John Mack at Harvard, who, being a psychologist, believed that every single thing he was being told was true.

Rak also said during the August 31 interview that he and other members abduvtions the group had used recreational drugs on the night of the alleged abduction. William Cole looked into the case from a skeptical point of view. The Allagash Abductions Location: Anything is possible, but until other information comes out, this will remain one of the best UFO stories in the United States. Friday is investigating a murder, so he goes into a bar abducctions asks all the patrons what happened.

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She also writes for a local historical society newsletter. Allagash has a population of By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They were on either Smith Pond or Eagle Lake at the time.

The plan was to camp, fish and boat for a few days or a week, depending on which source is to be believed. First published in The Triangle20 January Could that have been motive to lie? To continue reading, and support local, rural journalism, please subscribe. Foltz shared his reasoning for why those living on other planets might want to visit Earth and abduct humans.


The Allagash Abductions – An Documentary |

We also accept the results of the hypnotic regression sessions and subsequent polygraph tests as supportive of an abduction scenario”. To him, it appeared that Charlie was in pain.

So what does this case boil down to? Get the Rest of the Story Thank you for reading your 4 free articles this month. One of the participants described it as “brilliant storytelling” while the other three members of the group stand by their alien abduction claim.

Hopping into their canoe, they set off onto the lake shortly past sundown. They were regressed separately and most of them men had startling similar recollections of what occurred during the night of the UFO sighting. Allagash is a town in Aroostook County in Northern Maine, with surrounding woodlands well-traveled by hunters, hikers, and campers.

Subject of UFO incident casts doubt on ‘Allagash Abductions’ – Fiddlehead Focus

John Valley is the site of an alleged alien abduction in In a interview, Chuck Rak admitted that the abduction part of the story was made up, and that he went along with the narrative for financial gain, however, he does admit to seeing a series of strange lights over a period of a couple days during the camping trip.

Link to more information on this case: My family was big on TV. The men felt very fatigued and went to bed. The huge glowing ball, not to be outdone, moved towards them and lit up their canoe with a bright blue beam of light. List of scientific skeptics Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.


Sperm was removed, objects inserted, giant insects spoke to them telepathically, so on and so forth. Sketch by Harry Trumbore.

Allagash abductions

The Mysterious Light Aabductions four men spent six more days in the wilderness, but never again saw the bright object. According to Rak on Wednesday, the group did witness an unidentified flying object during their canoe trip, both on the night of the alleged abductions, and two nights before on Chamberlain Lake.

They said the aliens then performed what they perceived to be medical examinations on the men. Views Read Edit View history. Foltz described Rak as a man with a violent temper who has been banned from some UFO conventions. They say it caved in on itself as they watched and eventually vanished. Other than his UFO work, it should be noted, Mack was a pretty good guy.

The device that the aliens used was silver and had curves.

On night three or night five sources get the timeline confusedthe men decided to go fishing at night instead of during the day, as they had been doing. Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention on Amazon. However, skeptics, such as Dr.