Alternanthera sessilis is a weed that inhabits many areas of the world. It is a pest of sugarcane, a weed of rice in tropical areas, and an agricultural weed that. Alternanthera sessilis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. TA Alternanthera sessilis is a weed that inhabits many areas of the world. It occupies moist areas and can be found from sea level to over m.

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Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Vietnamese traditional medicine also holds an important position within the sessi,is care system and many of the plants that are used have both dietary and medicinal functions. Warm temperate climate with dry winter Warm average temp.

Rhizoecus kondonisa citrus root mealybug which causes severe damage to citrus roots in Fujian Province, China, has also been reported on the plant Huang et al. Plants of the Eastern Caribbean.

Uses Top of page A. Global Invasive Species Database Species profile: Decumbent herbs, stem glabrous.

Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. The stems are generally prostrate, creeping, often rooting at the nodes, sometimes floating or ascending at the tips, cylindrical and slightly hairy, with numerous, erect branches. Achyranthes triandraRoxb.

Alternanthera denticulataR. Caribbean Journal of Science. It proposes management of the weed so that infestations can be eradicated in Australia.


National Plant Data Center. Don Alternanthera repens J. Alternanthera decipiensBenth. alternantyera

Alternanthera sessilis

The species also serves as good ground cover and fodder. Noxious Weeds of Victoria. Alternanthera sessilis is an aquatic plant known by several common names, including ponnanganni in Tamilponnaganti aaku in TeluguMukunuwenna in Sinhalasessile joyweed and dwarf copperleaf.

The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. This article shows how Alternanthera philoxeroides and Alternanthera sessilis have different water needs and will often be found in different areas and in different size populations according to water availability.

This website gives a sessilid description on A.

Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN – Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of the uses without any details of how to utilize the plants. A study was done to determine the carotene content of seven different leafy vegetables. Risk and Impact Factors Top of page Invasiveness Proved invasive outside its native range Has a broad native range Abundant in its native range Highly adaptable to alternnathera environments Is a habitat generalist Tolerates, or benefits from, cultivation, browsing alternanther, mutilation, fire etc Pioneering in disturbed areas Highly mobile locally Benefits from human association i.

Can include ecosystem services.

Alternanthera polygonoidesL. Send a request for permission. Means of Movement and Dispersal Top of page A.

Alternanthera sessilis – Useful Tropical Plants

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. It was done to calculate the contribution of one traditionally cooked portion of the recommended daily allowance of of retinol.


See Holm et al. Alternanthera angustifoliaAltefnanthera. May be referred to as or include habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence alteernanthera to its environment, particularly for plants. This article discusses the compostion of floristic species in the reserve. It is usually but not always especially in areas of high humidity where it can even be a garden weed found in wet or damp spots.

Alternanthera sessilis (sessile joyweed)

Indian Journal of clinical Practice. Medicated lotions may also be produced from A. Achyranthes coynei Santapau Amaranthaceae is a rare species from India and was identified endemic Adventitious and post-cultural vegetation of Kisangani and the Tshopo Upper Zaire. May also be referred to include anatomy.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Under favorable conditions, it grows forming pure stands of dense, interwoven stems that smother aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats; block irrigation ditches and dams; replace native vegetation; and interfere with crops and pastures in altermanthera, poorly drained areas. All districts Tamil Nadu: The risk of introduction of A.