Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. 2 Eugenical News Applied Eugenics. At last we have a book that attempts to cover the field of practical eugenics. The authors are well known for their interest in. PAUL H. DOUGLAS. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. Applied Eugenics. By PAUL POPENOE and ROSWELL HILL. JOHNSON. New York, The Macmillan Company .

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In contemporary US society of the third millennium, the approach Popenoe developed to marriage counseling—educational and directive rather than medical or psychological—is coming back into fashion.

ByPopenoe had become well-established enough to co-author with Roswell Popenod Johnson a popular college textbook on eugenics Applied Eugenicsedited by Richard T. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat Given the role of clergy in responding to crisis in families, Popenoe increased focus in training the clergy over many years. It is only one of many measures the state can and must use to protect itself from [the human race’s] deterioration.

This was the second offering of a master’s degree by the Institute. His introduction to the book catalogued some of the statistics of the American Institute of Family Relations over its first 30 years. In he received an honorary Sc. Laughlinand Gosney, among others. Shortly before his death, Popenoe transferred his papers to the University of Wyoming.

Gosneya wealthy California financier, and the Human Betterment Foundation to promote eugenic policies in the state of California. Eygenics moved to California as a teen. Elywhich outlined his vision of a eugenics program that primarily relied on the segregation of “waste eugenucs into rural institutions where they would perform manual labor to offset the cost of applieed institutionalization.


GoddardMadison GrantHarry Pppenoe. This work would become a popular text for the advocacy of sterilization, as it purported to be an objective study of the operations in the state and concluded, not surprisingly, that rigorous programs for the sterilization of the “unfit” were beneficial to all involved, including the sterilized patients.

The Negro race is germinally lacking in the higher developments of intelligence. Along with his advocacy of sterilization programs, Popenoe was also interested in using the principles of German and Austrian marriage-consultation services for eugenic purposes. As presented in a biography, the focus areas of his counseling approach and the American Institute of Family Relations included couples’ attitudes towards marriage, preparation including sexuality educationmoral values, a focus on action, and mutual understanding between the sexes.

Paul Popenoe

DavenportHenry H. This would culminate in a number of works, most prominently their joint-authored Sterilization for Human Betterment: For many years he had a nationally syndicated newspaper column promoting marriage and family life.

The case load at that time averaged about 15, consultations per year. A Summary of Results of 6, Operations in California, Aghast at the divorce rate in US society, Popenoe came to the conclusion that “unfit” families would reproduce out of wedlock, but truly “fit” families would need to be married to reproduce.


This led Popenoe to ally increasingly with religious conservatives—even though he was not religious himself. Inthe American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming reported the collection Paul Bowman Popenoe Papers,consisting of 85 cubic feet of material.

Paul Popenoe – Wikipedia

He then worked briefly as an agricultural explorer collecting date specimens in Western Asia and Northern Africa for his father’s nursery in California, along with his younger brother Wilson Popenoe, a horticulturist. Nicholas, The Century Co. As Popenoe maintained his traditional values e. Library of Congress number: Aoplied this vein, he appeared on the Art Linkletter television show for over a decade, and he regularly gave lectures and wrote appled articles for the general eugenice.

An elementary knowledge of the history of Africa, or the more recent and much-quoted example of Haiti, is sufficient to prove that the Negro’s own social heritage is at a level far below that of the whites among whom he is living in the United States He was an influential advocate of the compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill and the mentally disabled, and the father of marriage counseling in the United States.

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