Ashvaghosha: Ashvaghosha, philosopher and poet who is considered of Faith in the Mahayana”), the Buddhacarita (“The Life of Buddha”), in verse, and the. Buddhacarita: Buddhacarita, poetic narrative of the life of the Buddha by the Sanskrit poet Ashvaghosha, one of the finest examples of Buddhist literature. Aśvaghoṣa. Life of the Buddha. Translated by Patrick Olivelle. Clay Sanskrit Library Series. New York: New York University Press and JJC Foundation, lv.

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Routledge,page The Buddha becomes almost a god in this telling. The most poignant scenes on the path to his Awakening are when the young prince Siddhartha, the future Ashvaghoshz, is confronted by the reality of sickness, old age, and death, while seduced by the charms of the women employed to keep him at home.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Views Read Edit View history. His wonderful descriptions of the bodies of courtesans are ultimately meant to show the transience of beauty. The founders of the series are John and Jennifer Clay, and Sanskritists can only thank them for an initiative intended to make the classics of an ancient Indian language accessible to a modern international audience.

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The series consists of 54 books of poetry, drama, novels, and philosophy. Please try again later.

Aśvaghoṣa – Wikipedia

Buddhism is, even now, largely gone from India; but by the end of this text the Emperor Ashoka has declared it the new state faith. Many scenes of the poem show the young man engaging in lengthy religious discussions with his father, his father’s religious advisors, and other kings and other seekers trying to dissuade him from his course. The notes and glossary in this book help the reader understand the references in the text.


As Eliot Weinberger observes in his most recent book, for whatever reason, Sanskrit poetry has never pife found it’s style in English translation, the way that other Asian languages haveJapanese and Chinese for sure, but also Tamil, etc.

The discussions become heated asuvaghosha some readers may remain unconvinced by Siddhartha’s chosen course and be more sympathetic to the arguments of his interlocutors. The Clay Sanskrit Library has done a service in making this and many other Sanskrit writings available to a wide audience.

The series, modeled on the Loeb Classical Library, was sponsored by John Clay –who had studied Sanskrit in his youth before going on to a successful career in global investment banking.

Mohit Kumar rated it really liked it Mar 14, Open Preview See a Problem? He clothed manifold notions and ideas in a few words which so delighted the heart of his reader that he never wearied of perusing the poem.

The remainder of the poem has survived in Chinese or Tibetan translations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Refresh and try again.

Life of the Buddha

Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva. The tje Canto, “Meeting with Arada” includes a long, difficult description of the Buddha’s meditative attainments through the Jahnas and of how he passed beyond his predecessors by rejecting the doctrine liife the soul.

The composition of Dharma-shastras collections thhe treatises on sacred…. The author, Ashva-ghosha, had been born a Hindu ashvwghosha had studied Hindu texts before converting to Buddhism and becoming a monk. Sources of the life of the Buddha myth in Buddhism In Buddhism: Awhvaghosha kavya form In kavya In South Asian arts: Anurag rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Layla nawshin rated it really liked it Mar 08, I think I would appreciate this text much more if I knew how to read Sanskrit.


Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. By deifying him, he does him a disservice as he makes the Buddha’s path to enlightenment seem incredibly effortless for him.

Depth Chargz rated it it was amazing Mar 20, A poet of the highest order, Ashva. Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era. This is the earliest surviving text of the Sanskrit literary genre called kavya and probably provided models thr Kali. This poem also is blunt and uncompromising in its rejection of pleasure and especially in its rejection of sexuality, even though the life of the senses frequently is described in beautiful terms. Even the horses, whose favourite food was placed in front of them, were entranced by the Teaching of the monk, and listened intently.

William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. At the time the poem was composed, Buddhism and Hinduism were competing for adherents in India. Gretchen rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I thw like I’m reading Shakespeare in Spanish. Interesting read, but not the best choice if you want to learn about Buddhism. It has taken help from tibetian version of ashvaguosha for the missing parts. How can you be on, when duality exists in you.

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