Aurobindo Ghose, better known as Sri Aurobindo is known to the entire world as a great scholar, a national leader and a spiritual guru. Freedom fighter, poet, scholar and philosopher, Aurobindo Ghose was born on August 15, in Kolkata, West Bengal. He belonged to an illustrious lineage. 20 hours ago Aurobindo Ghosh Biography For Students: Freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and philosopher. Aurobindo Ghosh worked towards cause of.

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This aspect cannot be ignored, for the study of mind is the central foundation of education. Even Buddhism with all its developments was only a “restatement” from a new bography and with fresh terms.

Spirituality, creativity and intellectuality. For him, lack of moral and spiritual education tends to corrupt the race of humanity. The National Archives of the UK: Thank you for your feedback. Although his family were Bengalihis father believed British culture to be superior. He said by leaving his body he would most effective in continuing giography spiritual mission. Disciples ChampaklalN.

Sri Aurobindo | Biography & Facts |

With the help of the finite reason, he says, “we are bound to determine the nature of reality as one or many, being or becoming. Disciples The Ahrobindo Champaklal N. In her 20s she studied occultism with Max Theon. The following authors, disciples and organisations trace their intellectual heritage back to, or have in some measure been influenced by, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo

It is a city of universal culture and an experiment in international cooperation. He advocated perfect liberty for the child as it is sine- qua-non for gathering of information and realisation ahrobindo soul substance.


The British persecution continued because of his writings in his new journals aurpbindo in April Aurobindo moved to Pondicherry, where Britain’s secret police monitored his activities. Sometime later, when families with children joined the ashram, she established and supervised the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education with its experiments in the field of education.

The Viziers of Bassora. PondicherryFrench India now in Puducherry. His works also include philosophy, poetry, translations and commentaries on the VedasUpanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. At the beginning of augobindo stay at Pondicherry, there were few followers, but with time their numbers grew, resulting in the formation of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Indrani Sanyal and Krishna Roy eds.

During this period in the Jail, his view of life was radically changed auurobindo to spiritual experiences and realizations. Gosh, he considered yoga as the remedy to cure the ills and correct imperfections of life and help human life to be turned into something divine. Confined to his own prison cell Sri Aurobindo was bbiography to practice meditation and read about the ancient principles of yogaundisturbed by outer commitments.

His yoga was free from the difficult feats of physical postures i. Consequently, his aim went far beyond the service and liberation of the country. Despite frequent requests to return to politics, Sri Aurobindo spent much of his time in meditation becoming more aware of the supramental consciousness.

Language, mathematics, social sciences, applied fhosh pure sciences are prescribed for mental being. It is rewarding to read these letters and also stories by disciples such as Dilip Kumar Roy who maintained a long and fruitful written communication with his Guru. His influence has been wide-ranging.

This same experience had taken Lele Maharaj over 6 years to attain. During his last illness Sri Aurobindo refused any major surgery or even to heal himself.


He strongly emphasises moral and spiritual education. Aims of Education 6. Mehrotra, Arvind Krishna There he established an ashram and achieved a high reputation as a sage.

He assumes that the seers of the Upanishads had basically the same approach and gives some details of his vision of the past biograph a long passage in The Renaissance of India. And Matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Fairleigh Dickinson University Biiography.

The intellect has two faculties-the comprehensive and creative and synthetic faculties; and the critical and analytical facilities- the former is called the right hand which imagines, judges and manipulates and the latter, aurobinddo left hand, which compares, classifies and concludes.

He spent the next two years at King’s College. A Legend and a Symbol Record of Yoga.

Biography of Aurobindo Ghosh ( )

In at the Surat session of Congress where moderates and extremists had a major showdown, he led along with extremists aurobidno with Bal Gangadhar Tilak. He prescribes items like physical training, games, gymnastics, preventive medical care and health education for development of physical being. Moral development is another aim of education as autobindo out by him. In his public activities he favoured non-co-operation and passive resistance; in private he took up secret revolutionary activity as a preparation for open revolt, in case that the passive revolt failed.

Shuddhananda Virajananda Swarupananda Paramananda. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Indian.