Awramba is a community found in South Gonder Zone of Amhara State, Ethiopia, 68 km from Bahir Dar. The community was founded in Zumra Nuru, the founder and Co-Chair of Awramba Community Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 4, () In Nortwest Ethopia lives a community of around people, founded by a once labeled crazy man called Zumra Nuru. Nuru never had any.

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What led you to come up with such astonishing ideas and to form this exemplary community?

The community believes in the pre-eminence of humanity and entertains a humanistic principle. I am very pleased to have you for my interview, would you please introduce yourself, where were you born communihy where did you grow up?

In addition to this, the community discourages early marriage.

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AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items awgamba from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public. Regardless of everything else, I wish we understand that we are from the same origin; we should love and respect one another.

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Archived from the original on Some of them are assisting us and others are working on their own. I knew that we as people were doing something to others that we would hate if it happened to us. The village’s success has made it a subject of numerous studies. They believe in hard work and being good to people. When he was 2 years old, he questioned his mother about religion. Theft is seen as very obscene. The profit they make from sales is equally shared between the members at the end of the year regardless of gender, input or capability.


We believe that they can perform any sort of works as per the mutual understanding of satisfying basic needs by their own effort,” says Zumra. Would you mention some of them and their duties and responsibilities?

Awramba: A collective community – Witness

The major source of awrammba of this unique Ethiopian community is farming. He cannot read or write. Complaint committee has the duty comjunity listen to complaints and find solutions, even if it is rare to see complaints in our community. The other peculiar nature of the community is their attitude towards the right of other marginalized segment of the society.

In the case where, for example, there is a widow in the community, everyone takes turn to fill the gap created by the deceased parent by filling the domestic gaps. Views Read Edit View history. Moreover, the marriage ceremony is also arranged without any cost. Awramba is a community of individuals, currently in their hundreds, who share the same view and philosophy of life.

I am thankful for the acceptance we get from everyone for the waramba years. I wanted peace and love among all human beings. Most of the cultural values and principles in the community can be considered as the pillar in which all other awarmba culture, values,beliefs, and principles are built around. People are listening to you now and you have your community.


The community was founded in and live within a place circumscribed by chain of mountains and hills. Many social anthropologists go there to conduct study focusing on the peculiar Awramba community way of life.

The other peculiar principle applied in the community relates to working days. Sometimes I wish I could run away from my conscience, but I just cannot. Representatives of the community go outside the territory to a nearby communith where they will sell surplus production and get needed commodities. Currently, the community has members in households, living over 17 heactars of land. Read an interview with the photographer about this story and more. Elderly people are also taken care of in a house built for them.

As per the principle of the community, a woman is given three months maternity leave, and they have also the right to use family planning methods awrmaba space up their children. We need a modern weaving machine that can function easily and is more productive.

Okay, We have development committee which consults the community to be more productive and effective. Get updates Get updates. These are Gender equity; the right of children; the principle of helping the less fortunate, ill and old; and the principle of discouraging dishonesty, lying, murder and stealing.