THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE [AXEL MUNTHE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected by scholars as being. Full text of “THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE”. See other formats. = 1 09 THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE BY AXEL MUNTHE. No more a saint than Axel Munthe and nothing to compare with him, I know! it and doing so I was steered towards The Story of San Michele.

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Aug 19, Anysha rated it it was amazing. On saying good-bye to the Countess before her hotel I expressed my regrets that there had been no time to visit the gorilla in the Jardin des Plantes but I hoped that anyhow she had not been storry to have come with me.

Most certainly he can. I must admit it was curiosity and determination that kept me going to the end of this book last 20 pages were really a struggle She was doing very well.

The Story of San Michele by Axel Munthe

That is exactly what I always thought! I drove at once to the Hopital Beaujon.

Micehle knows by instinct when he is not wanted, lies quite still for hours when his king is hard at work as kings often are, or at least ought to be. The magic of the book is that everything is equally real. People also said that he used to come there in the shape of a big black snake.

The Story of San Michele – Wikipedia

When Tam Crawford is unexpectedly bequeathed sttory money, he can finally imchele his dream of settling down in the beautiful village of Ellindale. If any- thing they seemed even more anxious to help the latter, for they felt so sorry for them and showed no signs of resentment even for their curses and blasphemies.

I went to see him next morning with Soeur Marthe. Moreover it was known even then that hydrophobia in wolves was far more dangerous than in dogs and that those bitten in the face were almost certain to die. But there were many of these I missed along some names and words beyond my knowledge.

Tell me what is Colitis?


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Refresh and try again. Yes, I had just seen him at the Hopital Lariboisiere, he was doing pretty well and I hoped he would come out soon. Family dinner, only M. Addio Rosinal ” ” Addio, addio e presto ritorno!


I kept thinking, though, that he must be gay. What became of my poor friend Jack? It is a series of overlapping vignettes, roughly but not entirely in chronological order. A third preface was written in for an illustrated edition ANNE 51 ish Embassy instead of to your last-born, whose whooping-cough is getting worse.

As with any work, not everyone liked it; publisher Kurt Wolff wrote. It made me understand how little I knew and made me turn more and more to Mother Nature, the wise old nurse, for advice and help. Try as they might, they couldn’t lose him – and soon Mikael realised that he didn’t want to.

The Countess was on her way to the Magasins du Louvre to buy a little present for the Marquise for her birthday to-morrow, and did not know in the least what to give her.

Told with a power and an honesty which makes this a very remarkable document. Priceless treasures of bygone ages lie buried under the vines, under the chapel, under the house. They well knew that I did not belong to their creed, that I did not go to con- fession and that I did not make the sign of the cross when I passed before the little altar.

His wives and children do not figure in the narrative, and he even describes himself as “a single man” in the last chapter, when he had been married for about 20 years; very little of his time in England is mentioned, even though he married a British woman, his children were largely raised in England, and he himself became a British citizen during the First World War.

The flaw is that Munthe – while capable of some truly beautiful sentences – is not a novelist, nor even a prose writer, and is not writing in his first nor, if I recall correctly, even second or third language.

Surely it could not have taken me five hundred pages to write down the story of my life, even had Xtory not left out its saddest and most eventful chapters. Leopardi, the greatest poet of modern Italy, who longed for Death in exquisite rhymes ever since he was a boy, was the first to fly in abject terror from cholera-stricken Naples. Munthe went to medical school in France and then opened a medical practice in Paris. I have found Dr Munthe’s reminiscences intensely interesting and enjoyable, and it is hard to convey their charm of mingled pathos and humour or their multiplicity of appeal.


The Society for Psychical Research may say what they like, but telepathy between man and man has so far not been proved. The very day before Christmas Frere Antoine caught a bad chill, and a great secret was whispered from bed to bed in the Mubthe St.

Even the rascal Billy, the drunkard Baboon, who set fire to II Canonico Don Giacinto’s coffin, has been admitted on trial to the last row of graves in the monkey cemetery some way off, after a close scrutiny from St.

Paperbackpages. What is the secret of success? I did not like the look in his eyes, I took his revolver from the table and put it in my pqcket, there was still one bullet left. Was the chapel also his?

But I go further. There is no need for hurry, we are all sure to reach the journey’s end. It is not a dog we love, it is the dog. Somebody has called the Story of San Michele a story of Death.

The characters form a neverending parade of royalty, eccentrics, celebrities, nightmare monsters think Mamsell Agata, the housekeeper with the smile of Lazarusinvisible saints Little Sisters of the Poorwhile the prose shifts seamlessly between brutal descriptions of effects of diphtheria and its treatment in the poorest areas of a city, to beautifully suggestive lines about romantic attraction “It is so light that I can see your eyes like two luminous stars and yet it is so dark that I fear I might lose my way”to fairy-tales and goblins in Lapland that are “sitting cross-legged on the table carefully pulling at my watch-chain and bending his grey old head on one side to listen to the ticking of my repeater”.

Well, maybe other readers got those answers The book quickly became an international bestseller and has now been translated into more than 30 languages; it is today an established classic, and sales number in the millions.