French codes: BAEL 91 and BAEL 91 mod (tabs: General, Longitudinal reinforcement, Transversal reinforcement). EC2 (tabs: General. Pratique Du Bael 91 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. pratique du bael 91 mod jean perchat & jean roux. Save. AFGC edit. 3. BAEL 91 mod 99 “Règles Techniques de conception et Detailed design Conclusion Summary of main figures and features.

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The legibility in the CTE DB HE 1 justification report has been improved by bafl different icons in the tables referring to the elements of the thermal model light and heavy elements, and thermal bridgeswhich refer to the different element types defined in the model. The process to calculate the infiltration flows in accordance with the EN code detailed iterative method has been optimised.

Additionally, three new options have been implemented:.

The precision of the window in which the elevation difference of the connections is defined, has been increased to 1mm. The possibility to separately define the reinforcement loss for instantaneous and differed post-tensioned slabs has been added.

The time required to calculate the annual simulation in hour intervals has been reduced by half. This way, kod justification report of the heating and cooling thermal load calculation process is obtained. The program offers different ways to proceed for the use of either way. Software for ArchitectureEngineering and Construction.


If the option is deactivated, the assembly reinforcement hook will always be provided at secondary beams. To do so, the program provides tables, graphs and charts for each element of the job and are updated when components are added or properties are modified, without having to print out the report of the results, allowing user to carry out a direct and immediate analysis.

More information can be found on the webpage.

Coduri de proiectare CYPE- structuri beton armat, structuri metalice laminate

In previous versions it was limited to 5mm. The design seismic spectrum can be:. This option is active by default, and so has the same effect as in previous versions. As of the 19 seismic resistance code provides the criteria that are to be followed within a specific territory for the seismic action to be considered in the project. Therefore, when analysing, two post-tension loadcases beal appear: A new combination will also appear in the combinations in which the initial post-tension mpd will act with the self-weight of the structure, so the post-tensioning without any loading, one of the most critical steps when tensioning the tendons of the floor slab, can be controlled.


A design spectrum must be defined to carry out the seismic analysis of the structure. New material libraries have been added.

In previous versions, users could only indicate as of which beam depth the skin reinforcement was to be placed, and once placed, the maximum spacing it was to have for floor slabs and beams in floor slabs and foundations had to be defined. The Download Manager allows for the programs to be installed in any of the languages available: New assembly reinforcement and skin reinforcement design options have been implemented and can be used in jobs for which the concrete and seismic if applicable codes allow for the use of the advanced beam editor.

Calculation Parameters Definition dialog (RC members)

Now, with the The frame drawings in the advanced beam editor have been improved when the option to draw larger bars further away has been activated. Wind loads NCh Chile Code regarding loads on structures.

A series of design options for skin reinforcement have been implemented. Now, in the