Khutba e Fidak Urdu – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bagh e by Muhammad Tariq Hanafi Sunni Lahori. Usage CC0 Universal. Topics Bagh e , urdu, islamic book. Collection. Hazrat Syedina Abubakr Siddique aur dosray Khulafa nay Bagh e Fidak kyu Syeda Fatima RaziAllah anha aur Ahlebait kay hawalay nahe kia.

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Sayyida Fatima as is no doubt from the loins of Adam, but her anger and distress is on par with the anger and distress of Allah swt and his Prophet s. The Muslims were again favourably inclined to ‘Ali since he adopted the proper course of action. The distinction between the two is understood from the narration of al- Bukhari, who transmits the same hadith and quotes Abu Hurairah as saying, “Complete the ablution, for Abu ‘l-Qasim may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: Book 19, Hadith The descendant replied that the first boundary of Fadak was Adenthe second Samarqandthe third the Maghriband the fourth the Armenian Sea.

Nasibis often suggest that good cordial relations were resumed soon after the Fadak dispute though one wonders how this could be the case when Ayesha in the Sahih of Bukhari testifies to the fact the Leader of the Women of Paradise NEVER spoke to Abu Bakr again. According to Sunnis, Fadak was a piece of land, near Khaiber, where Jews lived. Hum ahle bait k muhabbat me ande nahi hui hai. All Reference are compiled This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat What is the point in having a Khalifa that Rasulullah s shall not even wish to look at on the Day of Judgement?

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Quran ne jaha sahaba k acche amal ki taarif ki hai wahi unke bure amal ki ffidak ki hai. The prophet told Zahra: It is responses like this that demonstrate the type of hatred that these Nawasib harbour in their hearts towards Sayyida Fatima as.


The dispute over Fadak was narrated in various sources, some of which became almost legendary. It is possible that Faatimah alayhas salaam did not know that the Nabi forbade monetary inheritance and that when she heard it from Abu Bakr, it upset her for not getting what she had hoped for. This was the reason for the secrecy surrounding her burial. Agar fatema nabi ki ilm ki waaris hain to fatema usi ilm ki buniyaad per fadak maang rahi thi to unke fadak kyon nahi nagh gaya.

Al-Muntasirhowever, apparently maintained the decision of Al-Ma’munthus allowing Fatimah’s progeny to manage Fadak. Fadak was conquered by Muhammad.

They both went to the house and asked permission to enter. Raha sawaal Ahle Sunnat ki books ki to hum kyon un kitaabo per aitbaar kare jisme Qaatalani imam se to hadithe hain lekin imam ali AS fkdak imam Jafer sadiq si hadithe nahi hain.

Ye baat aap logon ko kyon samajh nahi aati????? Aap hazraat sahaba ko maasoom maante hui unke har galat amal per parda daalte hai.

Maaze k baat to ye hai janab k aap ki bukhari me likha hai k Janabe fatema zehra apne Haq k liye Abu Bakr k darbaar me gayein aur Abu Bakr ne ye keh kar inkar kar diya k nabi ki hadees hai k nabi koi cheez virasat me nahi chhodte.

Page 2 of 2. Whenever sunnis argue with shias due to their criticism for certain companions, they bring up the hadith of Ashra Mubashra, or shall i s So ‘Ali said to Abu Bakr: We have already advanced ij that refutes the last paragraph, proving:. Idraj interpolation is mostly found in the text, although a few examples show that such additions ih found in the isnad as well, where the fidal grafts a part of one isnad into another.


To sahaba ko maasoom maanna kaha tak sahi hai.

Agar nabi sirf ilm hi wirasat me chodkar gaye to ye ilm wirasat me fatema ko mila k nahi???? Popular Posts Last 30 Days. The daughter of the Prophet sad in a distressed manner, that led to the Sahaba crying. It is stated in the book Fasl ul-Hitab: She forsook him and did not talk to him until the end of her life.

Umar ordered people to pray twenty Rakah in Tarawi It was neither a government property owned by the treasury nor was it war booty. Ayesha narrates that Abu Bakr said: Kyon aap ye maanne ko tayyar nahi hai ke sahaba aam insaan the?? In the same way that Rasulullah s was unable to change the attitude of Ayesha, Abu Bakr was also unable to change the attitude of Asma.

Then Abd Bakr spoke and said: But, there are several famous Sunni scholars who specify that the revelation of We have already advanced evidence that refutes the last paragraph, proving: What is History, Lessons we learn from it, benefits of its study. Shia tamaam sahaba ko bura nahi kehte.

Was she ignorant of the Hadeeth of her father? But we were of the opinion that we should have a share in the government, but the matter had been decided without taking us into confidence, and this displeased us. Last Island Royal Queen of Literature.

Bagh e Fidak aur Wirasate Anbiya – Fitnah Shia – IslamiMehfil

BY Allah, you will not visit them alone. What will they do to me? Yaha Ladai ki koi baat hi nahi hai