George Bataille’s The Tears of Eros unfolds, innocently enough, as a simple timeline of the history of eroticism in art. According to Bataille. The Tears of Eros is the culmination of Georges Bataille’s inquiries into the relationship between violence and the sacred. Taking up such figures as Giles de . Inspired by Georges Bataille’s essay Tears of Eros, this short hybrid film/video is about erotism and death. Through different analogue manipulations of the.

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The Tears of Eros

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. This is the precise difference between Bataille’s inclusion of the lingchi images in a continuum and that of Elkins, who preserves them as an inassimilable remainder. I like books with pictures. City Lights Open Media. Jan 31, Maddy rated it liked it Shelves: Living in truth is to live with the realization which seems horrible that our lives have no inherent meaning.

For example the famous photographs of the self-immolation of Thich Quang Duc in South Vietnam inalso of a violent death in progress, do not lead to such speculations.

As a final thought, it occurred to erks that if one had never been drunk, but wanted to understand intoxication, that should talk to a drunk. To ask other readers questions about The Tears of Erosplease sign up.

Earlier, his article “The Use-Value of D. Refresh and try again.


Bataille asserts that the face of this man, with eyes raised heaven-ward a la St. View all 30 comments. Illustrated with lots of my favorite art pieces Goya, Fusili, Durer,etc. Bataille, Sartre, Valery, Breton California: My first excursion into the world of Bataille.

Nov 09, Lisa rated it really liked it. These are only quibbles, but were enough to form chinks in the armor of his thoughts; but then again, Bataille is not concerned overmuch with logical argument, being more an bataulle or a poet, so in a way these chinks only make his thought even more authentic to me, as passion trumps logic any day.

The inability to think about the work of art on the terms of its own loss is the condition by which it brings itself into being. Jun 03, Darren rated it really liked it. The visual aids add wonderful charm to the dry or maybe just french?

The images have been if from across time, from prehistoric cave paintings of half-men, half-beasts, to Hans Bellmer’s biomorphic drawings. This essay, illustrated with artwork f Tears of Eros is the culmination of Georges Bataille’s inquiries into the relationship between violence and the sacred.

There are criticisms that could be made of this selection of art. An operation produces or, in a medical sense, restores its subject, while the movement of eroticism describes loss.


Although this particular attempt is, when read in pure isolation, something of a failure, i have a feeling the failure is somewhat mine, ghe it’s obviously intimately connected with a previous work called ‘Eroticism’ which i haven’t read. City Lights Italian Voices. Yet transgression was only ever a component of his philosophy of eroticism, which bataill. Can words be erotic simply by being of the body, by being automatically called up from the subconscious?


To think about art, then, is to think about this transgressive movement between the two, in order to stage a “permanent revolution”, a movement without arrest in either the stratified structures of civilisation or the senselessness of orgiastic experience. In the original French edition of The Tears of Erosone of these images is reproduced on the scale of a single page fig.

These images are all figurative, and depict the human body in transition. The Eros Of Parenthood: Passions, pedagogies, and twenty-first century technologies Gail E. Title The Tears of Eros.

Lascaux or the Birth of Art.

The Tears of Eros – The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

You have to physically enter the world of the drunk or any world to understand it. Nov 06, K. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.