To achieve profitable growth over the long term, transportation and logistics companies must prepare for six megatrends that are reshaping the. Boston Consulting Group On Global Megatrends. Differentiating Success Factor or Just a Hollow Phrase? The word “megatrend” is a beloved. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that on analysis from Boston Consulting Group, a fourfold increase.

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Allstate, the insurance giant, is using Kaggle to host competitions to solve business challenges. Independence is becoming the dominant motivator for a large section of the population, particularly for millennials born from the early s to the mids and Gen-Zers born in the mid- to late s and after.

Regardless of their current talent megxtrends, companies should systematically analyze future supply and demand for various jobs under different scenarios and then plan accordingly.

This trend is forcing global companies to grow their operations or find talent elsewhere—even in markets where they have no existing interest. Talent is more mobile than ever, with workers willing to cross borders and cultures to improve their career prospects.

Megatrends in Higher Education

Over time, the model was scaled up and rolled out across the organization. Second, digitization has enabled the emergence of new business models. Companies will need to learn how to compete for talent in these locations while developing talent in other areas. The increased prevalence of digital technology and artificial intelligence will lead to new job functions and categories—but also to shortages of people with the skills needed to fill those roles.

An accelerating pace of change, increasing uncertainty and black-swan events, exponential organizations, agile development, and digital stakes and subsidiaries.

Segments related to parcel delivery will benefit from the continued growth of e-commerce. Susanne Dyrchs Project Leader Cologne. Congestion and the related cost increases megatrnds as higher landing fees will impose additional burdens on logistics providers and could potentially disrupt service offerings, such as just-in-time delivery.


Getting Ahead of the Megatrends in Transportation and Logistics

The logistics infrastructure segments will benefit, as players in highly congested regions where customers have few alternatives will have an opportunity to increase margins, while execution segments will face the prospect of diminished market power. Our yearlong analysis revealed 60 trends, which we consolidated into 12 megatrends in four areas. A BCG survey of business leaders found that three-quarters believed complexity was making it harder megatrsnds meet business goals.

Access to Information and Ideas. The company uses diversity to improve innovation and productivity and to reach customers in various demographic segments. They will also need to rely on data, rather than their gut instinct, in decision making. Universities will have to adjust and grow in order to meet the new needs and demands of students.

In the future, organizations will be judged not just for the quality and price of their products but for who they are—in relation to their customers, their employees, and society as a whole. In all cases, the megatrends will create business opportunities that players should be prepared to address.

Megatrends in Higher Education

Yet, more worryingly, the rising disparity also means that more and more people are being left behind on the education front, unable to afford the ongoing training or reskilling they need to compete. The Global Workforce Crisis: Moreover, programs designed for the academic domain are increasingly ineffective in building the skills required in the modern workplace.

Logistics services companies may also be under pressure from their customers to pursue a green agenda. Contract logistics providers can also invest in their own manufacturing facilities such as for outsourcing the final assembly of products and their own infrastructure to benefit from the congestion in megacities and the scarcity of infrastructure overall. By incorporating future-focused thinking into their strategic plans—and adopting trends that can provide the greatest impact—leaders of higher-education institutions can head fully prepared into a changing world of work and learning.


The New Age of Work What changes will these trends bring? Personalization and premium products and services, the sharing economy, data security, ethics, and the environment. Megatrends in Higher Education. Organizational structures that support more agile bvg nimble ways of working and allow for open boundaries New ways of developing talent, including leadership talent, that incorporate technology and analytics New models for managing change in an environment of always-on transformation The value and importance of a metatrends purpose, not just as a fad but as a differentiator and a source of competitive advantage.

And the benefits go both ways. Although companies have been gradually automating for decades, recent advances in areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence are not only obligating people to work side by side with machines but are also creating replacements for human workers—even in fairly sophisticated jobs.

For many companies, incubating talent internally is more likely to pay off than depending on the marketplace.

Getting Ahead of the Megatrends in Transportation and Logistics. The implication for management teams is clear: Those that start preparing for change today. To address the increasingly complex city logistics resulting from urbanization, contract logistics players, like road transport companies, can offer hub services for efficient operations in cities.

Many companies will need to focus more on developing digital skills among their current workers or identifying and recruiting potential new negatrends.