Billion BiPACN User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Billion BiPACN router. Other Billion BiPACN Guides. the full User Manual on the CD-. ROM for more advanced settings. This guide is based on the Billion BiPAC N. ADSL2+ Firewall. Modem/Router. Screen. View and Download Billion BiPAC (N) user manual online. (n) Dual WAN ADSL2+ Firewall Router. BiPAC (N) Network Router pdf manual.

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Advanced Advanced Here users can set some advanced parameters about wireless. According to Broadcom, its PhyR pronounced “Fire” technology delivers a ten-fold improvement in noise resilience against impulse noise and delivers a reduction in bit error rates.

Configuration Configuration via Web Interface Open your web browser; enter the IP address of your router, which by default is Please enter all the information in the blanks provided and then click continue.

The PPTP connection name. Page Step 6: You need to tick the two boxes for ‘PhyR’ – for both upstream and downstream. Enter the Keyword, for example image, and then click Add. Status This Section gives users an easy access to the information about the working router and access to view the current status of the router.


The certificate identification name.

Station Info Here you can view information about the wireless clients. Web Interface Username bpac Password Username: The keywords you add will be listed as above.

How to Login to the Billion BiPACN

The IP address of the gateway this route uses. IGMP protocol is used to establish and maintain the relationship between IP host and the host mamual connected multicast router. Device Information Model Name: Restart There are 2 options for you to choose from before restarting the your N device.

The routers are installed in the head office and branch offices accordingly.

Billion BiPAC 7800(N)X(L) User Manual

Set the Config Mode as Registrar. Click Add to add groups.

Diagnostics Diagnostics Push Service With push service, the system can send email messages with consumption data and system information. The destination subnet mask. Set the linked LAN interface with the tunnel. Displays the name of the router. Configuration GUI for any detail configuration. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Configuration tab.

Page 79 MAC Spoofing: It helps to connect two or more local networks to the ISP or remote node. Display the remote network. See Access Control Administrator Gipac Optimize Your Home Network with QoS If you are actively engaged in using P2P and are afraid of slowing down internet access throughput of other users within your network, you can thus use QoS function to set different mannual for the different applications that members of your network will be using to avoid bandwidth traffic from getting overloaded.

  ASTM E1282 PDF

Those extra Mbps are particularly highly valued biipac people living or working in rural areas at relatively large distances from their exchange. Displays the current exact date and time. Connect to the server.

An icon displays under Internet Gateway. The manuxl mode of wireless security is bpac. Maximum number of entries: Do not use the same power source for the router as other equipment. Diagnostics Check the connections, including Ethernet connection, Internet Connection and wireless connection. Press Apply to conform, and the items will be list in the Virtual Servers Setup table.

Follow the steps below to access web configuration. Here the connection is OK. In each time profile, you may schedule specific day s i.