Given below is the full text of the judgement sentencing Dr Binayak Sen for life. It is a translation from the Hindi. The translation has been done. Binayak Sen is an Indian paediatrician, public health specialist and activist. He is the national .. Against this judgement, Binayak again applied for bail on 6 January An eight-member delegation of the European Union were present at. Sanhati Statement on the Binayak Sen Judgement. We are deeply anguished by the convictions and sentences of Dr. Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha, and Narayan.

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A Critical Take on the Binayak Sen Judgement – Mukund P Unny – MindTEXT

When the witness was asked who came to get the house on rent for Sanyalhe replied Dr Binayak Sen. It is also argued that accused Pijush Guha does not ssen the other accused, and is not involved in any conspiracy with them, hence accused Pijush Guha should be acquitted. The learned counsel of accused Vinayak Sen has argued that accused Vinayak Sen was arrested on Binayak Sen subjected to unlawful Solitary Confinement”.

Apart from this, before the incident, a postcard was sent by accused Narayan Sanyal to accused Binayak Sen and accused Dr. Sen has sought bail contending that the trial court has erred in convicting him as there was no substantial evidence against him.

Dr Sen is a paediatrician who has worked with tribals in Chhattisgarh. Since the witness was deposing under Main Examination, he could not be stopped from giving evidence and the accused would have the opportunity to cross examine the witness, hence, the objection was overruled as insubstantive.


Sen, who was freed on bail last year, has always maintained his innocence. The Naxalites in the urban networks help Naxalites in the rural networks in propaganda, expansion and supply of materials.

Christian Medical CollegeVellore. Arts and Commerce College, Kamtiroad Nagpur from to In the Suburban Giridih police station, the incident which occurred on Applications made by accused Vinayak Sen for telephone shifting for landlines, and were seized by the police as per the seizure memo, Exhibit Pwhich has his signature.

Accused Narayan Sanyal has been active with Naxalites in Chhuriya area. Verma Session Serial Number: It issued a call to the Government of Chhattisgarh to immediately release Sen, unless he could be charged with a cognisable offence. Exhibit P to P are applications written by Soma Sen.

Full text: The Binayak Sen Judgement (English Translation)

Later it was found that Amita was connected to Naxalites and had absconded. The above testimony of this witness was not challenged by the accused during cross-examination. Did the accused on the mentioned date, place and time, while being a member of an unlawful organization participate in meetings or activities of said unlawful organization, participate or receive a communication to participate or send a communication to participate or request a communication to participate in meetings or activities of such unlawful organization, and by doing so commit an offence of criminal conspiracy, through Naxalite literature, magazines, letters, newspapers, CDs, cassettes, computer CPU, etc.

According to witness D. These facts have also been vouched for by T. Accused Narayan Sanyal was his tenant. According to him, accused Narayan Sanyal was mainly involved in these incidents. In this, his signature is visible from A to Part A. The hearing completed last week.


Dr Binayak Sen found guilty of sedition, gets life imprisonment | India News – Times of India

His neighbours and Shankar Singh told him that he was a social worker. During her cross examination, this witness accepted that she is a member of PUCL and is the co-organiser of Committee against Violence of Women [sic]. You are commenting using your WordPress. These are shown as Article A-9 and Article A Civil rights activist Binayak SenNaxal ideologue Narayan Sanyal and Kolkata businessman Piyush Guha were on Friday found guilty of sedition by a Raipur court for helping the Maoists in their fight against the state.

Read Post a comment. This certification is shown as Exhibit P The order book is shown as Exhibit P 24 and photocopy of it as P 24C. On 25 Januarythe Chhattisgarh High Court heard his bail plea for the second consecutive day and then fixed 9 February for the next hearing.

Naxalites used to illegally raise funds from the people of the area, demand that they join their organization, and development work was not allowed to proceed. This does not mean that you are immune. In his judgement, the words Judge BP Verma used to explain how Binayakk had committed sedition were these translated from Hindi:. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.