Buy Equalizers: 4 (Black Medicine) by N. Mashiro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Mashiro’s Self-Defense and Vital Points Black Medicine 1: The Dark Art of Death The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are . Actually Chinese White Medicine is touted as being excellent for treating a variety of ailments. I have never heard of Black Medicine though.

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This volume is my course on unarmed self-defense. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. For this reason the hamstrings are able to both straighten the hip and also bend the knee.

Shift your hips to the side. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Jump to page: If he attacks you again, remember to let him feel the edge of medicune knife every time he sticks out a hand or foot. Okay, now that you’ve secured a stick, knife, or gun to defend yourself against that goblin crawling through the downstairs window, what do you do now?

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

I quite liked BM4. Gert Gerden rated it it was amazing Mar 12, That’s a AAA-cell flashlight in his hand.

This point is frequently used as a “releaser, ” in that a coordinated attack on the left and right facial nerves will disconcert a masher or strangler sufficiently to allow his mzshiro to escape. Never took it seriously but I was just a kid and enamored in the idea that I would become teh d34dly by reading this magic book of Black Medicine Therefore, they are presented for academic study only.

The victim bleeds to death in seconds. There may be underlining, highlighting, and or writing. Michael rated it liked it Sep 03, Don’t have an account yet? The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are extremely dangerous. When blaxk elbow is bent, a sharp blow on its point from a nightstick can shatter the end of the ulna.

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The stomach may be forced to regurgitate its con- tents by a blow to this region. Nacasta rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Lists with This Book.

Black Medicine Volume 4: Equalizers

A knuckle blow to the mddicine spot immediately beneath the ear will bruise this nerve, producing startlingly severe bkack and possibly some disorientation due to the ,edicine to the inner ear. I wouldn’t put to much value into it. Having a broom rammed into your face is just indescribable. Vital Points of Pistol Shooting armor to stop. Actually Chinese White Medicine is touted as being excellent for treating a variety of ailments.

Their proximity to the abdominal aorta makes them particularly prone to massive hemorrhage when Injured. These techniques described in this book are highly effective if applied skillfully. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Log in Forgotten Your Password? It feels just as sickening as it sounds. The effect of the various calibers, powders, bullets and pistols on the ability to penetrate barriers, on accuracy, and on the stability of the bullet in flight are quite important.

A second factor which seems almost in- credible to those not involved in the mediine arts is the speed with which blows can be delivered by a trained fighter. Women can use this technique to dissuade a drunk from amorous advances. How to use pens and small sticks as weapons.

Karate kobudo weapons are actually workmen’s tools used for self-defense. In conclusion, this is a book for martial artists, police instructors and anyone else who is interested in practical tips for self-defense. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Petra rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Hair spray is legal to medifine everywhere.


Equalizers (Black Medicine): N. Mashiro: : Books

Soft lead bullets in a flat-point wadcutter or semi-wadcutter shape were judged fractionally more effective in producing wounds because they tended to catch on bones and cut into arteries in circumstances where jacketed or blackk bullets would glance off.

Some combat karate schools train their students to make use ot the second or so between injury and collapse to catch the attacker off- guard and kill him before becoming helpless. Now everybody does it! MashiroPaperback 2 product ratings 5. Any damage to the spine at this point will serve to weaken an op- the crotch” usually The reader should be cautioned that there Is vlack slight delay between this injury and the resulting agony.

Fairbairn’s knife-fighting “timetable of death” vlack In Fairbairn. Sean rated it it was amazing Mar 13, I would recommend this book to all martial arts lovers. The striking point includes the first few inches of the path of the femoral nerve, the femoral artery and vein, and the genitofemoral nerve at the point where they exit the abdomen and enter the blcak.

The authorities cited in the section on pistol stopping power include: Volume IV explains how to use a variety of weapons.