The third book in the phenomenal New York Times bestselling Nightshade series Calla has always welcomed war. But now that the final battle is upon her. Parents need to know that the final installment in author Andrea Cremer’s best- selling supernatural Nightshade trilogy once again features. The Paperback of the Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3) by Andrea Cremer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I want to choke you! If Calla doesn’t want you, I’ll take you! It also made me mad at Calla.

It probably wasn’t meant to sound so conceited and self-absorbed, but it rubbed me in the wrong way and continued to irk me even when I knew I should’ve been over it. Sign in or join to save for later. Jan 05, Booknut rated it really liked it Shelves: Bloodroes Searchers’ armory is also a cute little addition with fantastic drawings.

BLOODROSE by Andrea Cremer | Kirkus Reviews

Though not nearly as much as I do now that she bloodrosse her wolf to make Ansel whole. As in the two previous novels, there’s a good bit of violence. View all 16 comments. The more I have thought about this the angrier I have become. It was definitely well written and I’m sure others would enjoy.


He lost his Alpha role, he lost Calla to Shay, he lost his parents, he lost his freaking life. What did you think of the final twist? In conflicts between the werewolves, Seekers, and Keepers, each group suffers many losses.

Preview — Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer. There were so many things that I hated about this, and then so many things that made me think Andrea Cremer is an awesome writer because she got my emotions SO wrapped up in this series. It gets hot and heavy at a few places, but there’s so much chemistry between then that it does’t feel forced.

Did I like that Ren was killed off? Then he loses his life at that hands of the man who raised him. But they were, for the most part, very sweet and gave the story a nice romantic feeling. You can probably guess them, but just to be safe, I won’t say. The author sustains the pace throughout by filling even her peaceful scenes with aggressive behavior, and she keeps romantic pulses constantly pounding. But, to be honest, it was dystopian! It’s flowy and beautiful and descriptive.

January 3, Publisher’s recommended age s: SO like I said, I’m having a hard time rating this book, because although I enjoyed the story, I hated the love story. Anyway, I wanna know what you guys think of the ending and whether you agree with me or not.


Bloodrose: Nightshade, Book 3

But that was all crap. The air, water, fire adventures were actually cool save for the part that the other guy is the Scion. He would rather see Ren dead than the possibility of Calla choosing Ren over him. Sobbing Ren’s death can be summed up in two words.

Loved the 1st book, so what happened? View all 7 blodorose. Still that ending was harsh imagine – Just finished this book and WOW.

And he did try a little, I suppose. I anxrea see anything wrong with how the book ended guys. This once amazing series is now ruined. How can this happen?

I have yet to come across a more wimpy, spineless ending. OK so in the first book, Ren loses his future, with his pack and with Calla.

But yes, this is a war people, we are dealing with loss, regret, questioning if that could have been prevented and some of these characters you’ve never been introduced to, some new characters that had started to grow on you. This book made up for Wolfsbane’s lack of action.