Bonna Indonesia is a joint venture between Bonna Sabla and Intermix-DSP sell standard products from a catalogue but made-to-measure premium solutions . Bonna Sabla concrete pipes. Uploadé par . BONNA SABLA’s solution What is the BONNA end-rings .. st_calvo. Catalogue Shock Absorbers. For further information. BONNA SABLA’s solution What is the BONNA pipe? • A steel core made of rolled steel plates welded lengthwise or helically with welded .

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It does not only sell standard products from a wabla but made-to-measure premium solutions according to each customer specific requirements. Excavating is performed by drilling machines or by full-face shields.


Aboveground pipeline Rhne Poulenc plant, dia. Typical offer includes not only simple concrete elements but generally combines other non-concrete materials i.

A steel core made of rolled steel plates welded lengthwise or helically with welded A steel reinforcement made by helical winding of a bonan wire at a constant pitch. The welded joints totally transmit the stresses sustained at changes of direction to the pipeline. Maximum safety with regard to floating risks: Bonna Indonesia provides, when required, tailored-made engineered solutions not commodities. Jointing of pipeline sections together by means of SL welded joints.

Bonna Sabla belongs to Consolis, the largest European company in prefabrication with more than factories. A double concrete coating placed: The largest Indonesian group involved in precast concrete products for construction and civil works. Any type of prefabricated concrete products.

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Arzew Natural Gas Liquefaction complex, dia. The pipeline shall resist all the phenomena likely to impair its initial capacities and to gradually destroy the performances of its components; these phenomena may be the following ones: Measurements taken in the inlet pipelines of Saut hydroelectric plant in France confirm the characteristic value, K, of 0. An outer reinforced concrete wallProtecting the steel cylinder from external aggressive agents soil, underground water table, and taking the stresses due to backfill and external dead and live loads.


Resistance to pressureLauris water supply France The steel core characteristics are determined so as to resist the maximum working pressure and the factory testing pressure. This effect is enhanced by the high compactness of concrete obtained by high frequency vibration, centrifugation Longitudinal tensile strengthIn case of a pipeline being pulled into place, the steel cylinder tensile strength will be used.

Golfech nuclear power station, dia. Bonna Indonesia has successfully been diversifying into other non-pipe precast concrete elements ballast blocs, railway sleepers. Among the technologies and services available: It consists in driving the pipe into the ground by means of jacks.

ER joints for easier connections. Minimum digging operations in the sea bottom: Longitudinal compressive strengthIn case of installation by jacking or microtunnelling, the external reinforced concrete compressive strength will be used. Geneva Oil port Switzerland Paramo Bajo irrigation pipeline, dia. Optimized materialsA welded steel cylinder ReinforcementProviding resistance to exterDesigned to withstand the maximum working pressure including possible water hammer guarantees absolute and immediate watertightness of the pipeline and contributes to the pipeline load resistance.

A French company specialized in precast concrete products. Bonna Indonesia is not only a producer of high quality prefabricated concrete elements but is with your company from the initial design to the end of your PROJECT.

In this case, the best possible protection is secured by the concrete coating. Continuous towing of the pipeline sections. This pipeline is still in service. Bonna RCCP pipes have been a reference solution for industrial and engineering clients with proven and reliable performance and several thousand references for over years on a worldwide basis.

This technique can be applied to small bore non man-entry pipes. Buried pipeline Water supply pipeline, dia. Protection against abrasion and high hydraulic gradientBecause of its high strength and asbla, BONNA pipe concrete inner wall does not require any specific protection against abrasion caused by the usual carried fluids.



Sea-water cooling system for refinery – La Mde France Underwater pipeline, dia. It is thus possible to avoid the use of bulky and costly thrustblocks at changes of direction. Deformation resistance test in Span pipe – River-crossing in Arcachon France Cavalaire mm dia. There is no need for maintenance inspection. This value that enables one to calculate the headlosses according to Colebrooks formula, is that of the best inner surface quality of the pipes presently produced reinforced concrete, cast iron, steel,GRPPVC, etc.

Floating of sections to their sinking position. Durability in any kind of waterFolkestone subsea outfall, dia. Post on Nov views. BONNA has thus adjusted its to mm dia. Cataloguf by bottom tow Onshore assembling of pipes into strings by means of SL welded joints. Jointing of sections underwater by means of ER joints.

Pressure watertightness of the steel components systematic tests throughout the manufacturing stage. Pipe jackingThis technique makes it possible to instal pipes with diameters up to mm underground. The in-house project design department provides: Jacking pipe – Madrid Spain 6Properties and advantagesResistance to external stressesResistance to impact loadingDuring and after laying, the pipeline may be submitted to shocks and blows that are likely to damage its coating, and even to destroy its physical integrity.

Onshore assembling of pipes into sections Folkestone offshore outfall, dia.

Positioning and sinking of one pipeline section Sea-water intake, dia. Besides, the head-losses inside the pipeline remain low as time goes by. Deformation ResistanceThe reinforced concrete provides the pipeline with the bbonna rigidity required for resisting backfill loads and live loads.