Sled Driver Brian Shul, left, with New Atlas’s Loz Blain, Reno Air Race. SR Blackbird pilot Brian Shul with his book, Sled Driver. SR pilot. Sled Driver has ratings and 72 reviews. Kev said: I met Brian at Edwards AFB Open House airshow in October, As we were chatting Chuck Yeager wa. Shul, Brian Signed by Author,; Sled Driver Flying the World’s Fastest Jet SR Blackbird. FIRST EDITION THIRD PRINTING Signed by Author, with small.

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Great book for military plane fans.

SR-71 Blackbird pilot Brian Shul: My life at Mach 3.5

Shul’s comeback story from lying near dead in the jungle of Southeast Asia, to later flying the world’s fastest, highest flying jet, has been the subject of numerous magazine articles. Technically speaking, nothing is surprising you. There are also some new photographs thanks to the participation of famed Lockheed photographer Eric Schulzinger, and renowned aviation photographer George Hall.

The photos are wonderful and Shul is a great writer. I tried that one year, I thought, I’ve been speaking at this air museum for 10 years now, I’m gonna change it up this year. Meanwhile, below, the cadet commander had taken the cadets up on the catwalk of the tower in order to get a prime view of the flypast. I really enjoyed this behind the scenes look of flying the SR Blackbird. Brain Shul loves this plane, and he teaches you to love it too–if you need to learn.


SRB was the trainer version of the SR Few authors get a chance to completely redo their book and improve it in every way, and I have fully immersed myself in the task. The pilots were legendary. There’s something romantic about flying on top of the world, faster than anyone else.

The extraordinary Mullin Automotive Museum.

So it was with great surprise, when at the end of one of my presentations, someone asked, “What was the slowest you ever flew in the Blackbird? Drivdr also reserved book for President George Bush, which we hope to present to him in September of Jan 14, Georgi rated it it was amazing.

I feel this special Limited Edition will surpass the original in every way. In addition to running his own photo studio in northern California, he has authored seven books on flying and flight photography.

Action Photography from the Cutting Edge[6] which is a collection of his in-flight photos. Once the team found Shul, he was given immediate medical treatment ensuring that the extraction would not result in further wounds or make his existing wounds worse.

When you sit in front of a blank computer screen, you’ve got all this excitement about writing this book. On its final day the Sled had averaged miles per hour. The excerpt I read is here: He has written four books on aviation and runs a photo studio in Marysville, California.

Still, the rest is well worth it and a few of the notes and things I had never known before or learned anywhere else. It is written by one of the few men who piloted the aircraft. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? It was a quiet, still day with no wind and partial gray overcast. This is an amazingly compelling read. Nearby enemy patrols were driven back by the rescue teams using small arms, while larger groups of enemies or search parties were handled with heavy weapon outfitted operators or operators acting as forward air control.


Welcome To The World Of The Sled Driver

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. As the pilot put it: The guy says, “ok, we’re gonna climb, and I want you to level at 25, subsonic at about knots. My son read this and “thought it was very cool. One thing the book doesn’t touch on in great detail is the extraordinary journey Shul himself took to get behind the stick of the Blackbird.

Sep 28, Richard rated it it was amazing. Shattering the still quiet of that morning, they now had feet of fire-breathing titanium in their face as the plane leveled and accelerated, in full burner, on the tower side of the infield, closer than expected, maintaining what could only be described as some sort of ultimate knife-edge pass.

She would only dance with a few, but you better know the steps.