Building Web Applications with UML Second Edition. by Jim Conallen. Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional. Release Date: October Building Web Applications with UML. by Jim Conallen. Publisher: Addison- Wesley Professional. Release Date: December ISBN: View table. Jim Conallen. Publisher: Addison Wesley. First Edition December 01, ISBN : , pages. Building Web Applications with UML is a guide to.

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Appendix B is a sample use case which reader will find very useful as a template for future projects. Two of the four appendices are very useful. If you read both these books don’t spend your money on this one because you won’t find anything new. Carol added it Jun 02, Detalhes do produto Capa comum: Author Jim Conallen divides the text into two logical parts: Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Readers will gain not only an understanding of the modeling process, but also the ability to map models directly into code. I tried to explain the issues involved with Web application development and the need for visually expressing their designs. The UML extension mechanism provided me with the framework to do so. Eventually, I started to understand what was meant by stereotyping and the other extension mechanisms: Using UML allows developers to model their web applications as a part of the complete system and the business logic that must be reflected in the application.

D rated it it was ok Apr 08, Trivia About Building Web Appl I began to investigate alternative architectures: In the years that followed, I continued to experiment with the latest Web technologies and consulted with other companies with Web-related issues. Even before then, I had started tinkering with the Java beta and later bought Symantec’s CafE to experiment with this new language. Mike Pluta rated it liked it Sep 12, Sep 28, Christophe Addinquy rated it really liked it Shelves: In the almost two years since then, they have remained essentially the same.


He has gone on to win awards for Web site design for some of his other projects, and I moved on to other contracts. I had worked with the Rose tools for many years prior to this and have recently given up independent consulting to join the Rational team. After all, if the existing methods and notation didn’t have what I needed, the obvious solution was to invent new ones.

Building Web Applications with UML Second Edition

All of the sample models used in this effort were developed with Rational Rose. David rated it really liked it Feb 22, Jessica Hood rated it liked it May 24, Builcing on the author’s extensive experience as a Web developer, it incorporates helpful reader feedback, identifies and addresses modeling problems unique to page-based Web appications, and offers practical advice and Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. John Rhoads rated it liked it May 21, applicatioms My idea of a model kept revolving around the concept of a site map.

The first edition of this book was a real surprise from an UML point of view: All of these experiences have driven me even more to a belief that Web applications need to be modeled and built just like any other bullding software system. As the extension evolved and a lot of the details and biulding were getting corrected, I always kept an eye out for code-generation possibilities. The only missing item is Adobe’s portable document format, PDF, which is a cross-platform document format used in both web sites and web applications.

Looking back, I remember spending less than a day to draw up the icons. Andersen added it Mar 10, I published a white paper on the Internet and presented the topic at the Rational User’s Conference in Orlando, Florida.


Building Web Applications with UML [Book]

I wasn’t so stuck up to think that I was still right and everyone else wrong. Additionally, the superior documentation which this buklding affords will, no doubt, significantly improve software, which is what it’s all about.

Account Options Sign in. Modeling, at the appropriate level of abstraction and detail, the appropriate artifacts, including web application pages, page relationships, navigate routes, client-side scripts, and server-side generation. I learned a lot about the use of client-side scripting, applets, and ActiveX controls. Doug Hill rated it liked it Sep 13, The author is clearly a programmer as well as an architect and modeler.

Hugo marked it as to-read Jun 21, The concepts are still useful and with some thought can be extended to the richer environment presented by. This experience got me even more involved with the subtleties of building Active Server pages ASP applications, especially with the issues of managing server-side resources and transaction management in a Web application environment. Marcia Yates rated it did not like it Jan 16, A dog ear is the slang term for a bent or folded corner of paper.

Building Web Applications with UML

Luca Salvini added it Dec 10, I didn’t spend applicatons time on it then, since I always believed that eventually someone with a little more experience would design some meaningful ones. The author has developed a UML extension for modeling web applications. Conallenn material may be a level of abstraction above the working coder but is excellent for project managers and system architects. Grady Booch took an interest in the work and encouraged me.

Jeff has pretty much taken over the management of the site, and I help when I can.