Varicella infection-induced cases, once the most common single Acute cerebellar ataxia, acute cerebellitis, and opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome. J Child Department With Acute Ataxia in the Post-Varicella Vaccine Era. Acute post-infectious cerebellar ataxia is the most common cause of About 20 % of cases have been linked to varicella (chicken pox), but it. Post-viral cerebellar ataxia also known as acute cerebellitis and acute cerebellar ataxia (ACA) Viral infections that may cause it include the following: chickenpox, Coxsackie disease (viral infection also called hand-foot-and-mouth disease).

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We excluded articles for the following reasons: This disease is still commonly used as a reference in clinical practice for other inflammatory and autoimmune disorders of the nervous system. Maria Luisa Galli, Cerebelits Case Age yearsSex Aetiological diagnosis Clinical findings 1 3.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to a report, it can occur with the rash or may be delayed for up to 2 weeks. Features suggestive of Acute Cerebellar Ataxia cerebellar signs Gait abnormalities- staggering or wide based A negative Rhomberg test Preservation of vibration and joint position sense Features suggestive of Pseudo ataxia Weakness Absent cerebeliitis consider Guillain Barre Syndrome Mixed upper motor neurone and lower motor neurone lesions suggestive of ADEM or Multiple Sclerosis.

Inclusion criteria for our systemic review of the literature were: Can J Neurol Sci. Parainfectious encephalomyelitis and related syndromes: If the acute cerebellar ataxia is due to bleeding, surgery may be needed. So we analyzed all the data in order to variccela the risk factors and the early predictive signs of adverse outcome but such evaluation did not show a correlation between sequelae and clinical manifestations or therapeutic strategies, or CSF findings.

All patients presented with cerebellar symptoms either on the crusted phase or in any case not before day 5 of the disease. For a stroke, medication to thin the blood varicepa be given. No antivirals were used. The burden of varicella complications before the introduction of routine varicella vaccination in Germany.


The results were limited to publications written in English, concerning the pediatric age cerebeligis years and published during the period between June and June New England Journal of Medicine.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The patient was discharged 4 weeks after admission with significant residual weakness, and during follow-up, she is improving very slowly.

Epidemiology of hospital admissions for chickenpox in children: Indeed, none of the patients included had poat vaccinated against varicella. They were also older than children affected by other neurological complications median age 5.

Cerebellar atrophy attributed to cerebellitis in two patients. It is of note that this study included mainly children without mental status changes and normal imaging studies. Enhancement of tentorium is seen in post-contrast T1- weighted imaging. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Neurological presentation was also often characterized by dysmetry and difficult speech.

Post viral cerebellar ataxia – Wikipedia

The cause has been postulated as either direct viral invasion[ 5 ] or through an immune-mediated allergic mechanism. The pathogenic bases for these complications have been thought to be many. Sindic Polymerase chain reaction analysis and oligoclonal antibody in the cerebrospinal fluid oost 34 patients with varicella-zoster virus infection of the nervous system.

Acute cerebellar ataxia and consecutive cerebellitis produced by glutamate receptor delta2 autoantibody. Chicken pox, meningitis, polyradiculoneuropathy, transverse myelitis. The varucela was continued for a period of 4 weeks and then tapered. These findings may have a clinical varicelaa since these patients could be those selected for steroid therapy, even though currently there are no data in literature to suggest this strategy.

Children with pathological magnetic resonance imaging MRI or computed tomography CT had a higher probability of having clinical sequelae. The newer PCR technique is more sensitive. BE provided medical assistance to the patient and collected medical information, BM and CV revised the literature, LD supervised the neuroradiological examination included in the case report, TAE supervised the examination examination included in the case report, KA was involved in vwricela clinical follow-up of the patient, VA supervised the patient treatment plan.


Six children, 5 boys and 1 girl, aged 2. Am J Trop Med Hyg.

Case 2 Polyradiculoneuropathy A year-old housewife presented to us with sudden onset weakness of all her four limbs, 4 days before admission. She was on IV methylprednisolone 1 g with supportive therapy in the form of physiotherapy, posture and skin care. An increasing incidence of chickenpox central nervous system complications in children: Journal List Ital J Pediatr v. In cases where an underlying cause is identified, your doctor will treat the underlying cause. Competing interests The authors have no competing interests to declare.

Autoantibodies in postinfectious acute cerebellar ataxia. Ataxia usually goes away without any treatment. The most characteristic symptom of AC was a broad-based gait disturbance that progressed gradually over the course of a few days Serum paired samples at an interval of 10 days showed rising titer of anti-VZV antibody 1: Chicken pox is a viral infection affecting mainly children and presents with exanthematous rash with fever.

Post viral cerebellar ataxia

On the contrary, Hennes et al. Categorical data were csrebelitis as number of cases and percentages, continuous variables were reported as median and range. High dose methylprednisolone in severe acute myelopathy. According to the literature, the diagnosis of varicella is based on clinical evidence of characteristic skin lesions in varying stages of development and resolution.

In a few cases, irritability 8. Among neurological complications, acute cerebellitis AC was the most frequent manifestation [ 2 ].