these monologues will give you a lot to work with. Written by author Starring on Bay Street – a novel by Jan Peterson Ewen – “Heart-warming and Humorous”. The following skits are contained in download above. Canoe is a quick, humorous look at not giving God the glory when he answers our prayers. Church growth. Monologues suitable for men and women. The Medieval Traffic Warden A short, comic monologue or speech, as the traffic warden hands out a rather large fine.

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An expose of the porn industry. A man was stuck in Groundhog’s Day right up until he did his very best to be very bad. Marky Masonic, a stand up comedian, comes under fire when he makes some tasteless jokes about ladyboys and an unattractive woman.

Comedy Monologues

They really need to nail her. Goonda Tamil translation of “The Goon” – 10 mins 3 male Comedy. An everyday married man becomes obsessed with a stranger he met in a gay bar. If you’re interested in producing one of my plays, look at my Plays page for further detail. Three strangers find themselves instant wff worst friends forever when they eat a new brand of cheese which makes their dreams come to life.


What if a really important event in history went down differently?

Joanna Murray-Smith’s deliciously wicked comedy deftly walks the tightrope between satire and farce proving the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male. Dane meets Madeleine, the love of his life, in a ThyssenKrupp elevator. mono,ogues

They just fill your head with barks and meows and For further information contact me. Dave is the last man on Earth and he has blue balls. This is the best novel I’ve written, but it still needs editing done.

Sebastian doesn’t want kids, but he doesn’t want to lose his comeddy wife. A school girl discusses her friend Chloe and how the coolest kid in school became mute.

Richard has lunch with his new boss and a prospective client. A 20 minute radio play about giant fietype playing with their food. Princess Peach of Mario Bros fame is throwing a party.

modern monologues

A Tamil translation of my 10 min play, The Goon. Heard the one about a good guy with a dark past? Darling Brown wants to know why her parents gave her such a ridiculous first name. Steve has an addictive personality. Disney Princesses Ariel and Jasmine didn’t get the ‘ever’ they were after. A Psychopath – 10 mins 1 male Drama, Monologue. A full length play about summoning being from other dimensions in order to destroy the world. Problem is, they don’t speak English.


A 10 minute play. Lane Cove Theatre Company. I’m also slightly reluctant to post material which could get my sued by irrational zealots. An excerpt of my full-length one-woman show “V. A 10 minute monologue. Each event is more unexpected than the last. Sensation – 10 mins 1 female Comedy, Monologue.

A 10 min play for 2 males and 2 females. Sophie is back, and she’s met a new man who was actually born a man.