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CONTROL NEUROMOTOR DEL HABLA by camila rivera on Prezi

Robust and complex approach of pathological speech signal analysis. Formant kinematics normative subject.

Journal of Voice, 11 3 In certain cognitive pathologies where fluency is affected it will be expected a stronger number of counts in R1 relative to controls if continuous speech is monitored. The aim of the present study is to evaluate if features derived from the dynamic behavior of formants in sustained vowels are related with some of the indices used by neurologists, and to establish to which extent dynamic measures can be used in the multimodal study of PD speech production.

Therefore, the absolute kinematic velocity AKV of the reference point may be stated as:.

This underlying fact may be behind gender skew. These model sets were used to estimate the accumulated D KL of each PD patient of both genders against their respective model set, as.

Therefore, hypo- hyper- or unstable muscle tone are markers of possible PD neurodegeneration, and these can be traced from speech. NOTES Top [ 1 ] Here the term neuromechanical is summarizing the dynamic model of the biological structure biomechanical in considering muscles, tissues, forces and velocities as well as the neuromotor spiking activity sel the neuromotor pathways involved in the processes of speech production.

The large loops in the right part of the polar plot in Figure 6a are related to changes of the reference point due to adjustments of the jaw-tongue system in vowel onsets, rel vowel nuclei activity is seen as a cloud of small amplitude actions near the center.

This estimator appears to be related to other conrrol and non-motor correlates used currently in the clinical monitoring of PD patients by neurologists. Halba fact stresses the need of developing objective scoring methods, especially in relation to speech production.


Reference point absolute velocity. Results show that these distances are correlated with a set of tests currently used by neurologists in PD progress evaluation, and could be used in elaborating new speech testing protocols. Historically, a pioneering study on PD phonation correlates with clinical purpose using distortion features as jitter, shimmer, and noise-harmonic ratio, on sustained vowels, was due to Gamboa et al.

The AKV is given in cm. It may be seen that horizontal and vertical velocities behave quite differently than in the normative case. In the case of PD patients uttering sustained vowels or sequences of vowels, the activity in R2, R3 and R4 is expected to be larger than in controls. Probability density functions of the AKV from female healthy controls filesright neuroomotor and female PD patients filesright axis.

control neuromotor del habla by valentina quiroga on Prezi

The neuromotor disorder known as Parkinson Disease is a sickness produced by a deficit of the neurotransmitter dopamine in basal ganglia, resulting in hampered neuromotor activity during an early phase, and leading to a movement impairing disease accompanied by cognitive disability at later stages. This complex activity driven by primary neurons is transformed into neuromotor actions to excite muscle fibers through the intermediation of xontrol ganglia, where secondary neurons connected to the muscles of the pharynx, tongue, larynx, chest and diaphragm through sub-thalamic secondary pathways produce neuromotoe of motor actions which activate the respiratory, phonatory and articulatory systems responsible for speech production neuromechanics.

Journal of Speech, Controll, and Hearing Research, 57 4 Regarding the biomechanical model, the jaw J is fixed to the skull bone at fulcrum F as in a third-class lever system.

Rough and asthenic phonation, monotonicity, mono-loudness, freezing, velo-pharyngeal incompetence, conttrol low tone are some of the observed alterations of speech coined with the term hypokinetic dysarthria Sapir, It controk be said that tremor in harmonics and formants need not be correlated as they depend on different neuromotor pathways, phonation being controlled by laryngeal nerves vaguswhereas articulation depends mainly on jaw, lingual and facial nerves branches of trigeminaland PD may affect both systems differently.

Renewal of the Neurophysiology of Language: A control model of human tongue movements in speech. JAMA Neurology, 71 7 Prevalence, phenomenology neurmotor risk factors. A possible description of the neuromotor activity from speech can be given in terms of the dynamic changes experimented by the resonant frequencies of the vocal tract, which are known classically as formants. The way in which this disease alters normal speech articulation may be attributed to fine movement control, which requires proprioceptive feedback.


The statistical distribution estimated from the kinematic absolute velocity of the neuromechanical reference point appears to be a good, compact and normalized descriptor of the dynamic speech behavior. Speech is the result of a biomechanical sequence of actuations led by neuromotor activity of chest, neck, oral, nasal cpntrol facial muscles under strict coordination.

In what follows utterances from PD patients is compared with similar utterances produced by healthy controls using KLD as the differentiation feature.

On the one hand, to study the influence of disease progress, neurologists have yabla used other motor and contrkl symptoms. The described methodology is used to monitor a database of the sustained vowel [a: Kinematic modelling of diphthong articulation. The first observation from the results presented is that the male set presents better correlation between D KL and CS than the female one.

control neuromotor del habla pdf merge

The phonation and articulation systems are governed by specific neuromotor units activated from the bulbar structures in the midbrain 1which control the retraction of the velopharyngeal switch in nasalization 2activate tongue movements up, down, back and forth 3: A neuromechanical model of the jaw-tongue seems to be efficient in providing a kinematic description of speech from acoustic correlates as formants.

A proposal for a new acoustic measure of dysarthric speech.

Neurological, Functional, and Laryngeal Diseases. Another factor of dispersion to be taken into account is the variability and low reliability of subjective scoring scales. With AI, our words will be a window into our mental health. An example from an utterance of the five vowels [a: A functional relationship could be established between formants and the reference point as:.

The association between dwl gestures nueromotor and back—front positions summarizes in a simple way what researchers have established formally Sanguineti et al.

The control set consisted in utterances of sustained [a: Sleep Medicine, 16 1 No matter how well designed they may be or well-trained raters are, a human subjective factor is implicit and difficult to be removed.