(); //Create an instance for named destination. PdfNamedDestination destination = new PdfNamedDestination(“TOC”); ation = new. A named destination in a PDF is similar to a bookmark in other document formats. So how do we create a PDF with named destinations without the additional. In my point of view, it’s sufficient to set a \hypertarget{destname}{} and use the destname as argument to the evince –named-dest option. This works at least in.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Christian Hupfer k 14 It simply creates named destinations next to other bookmarks in the generated PDF if they exist. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Ceeate.

I now suspect there’s something wrong with my version of Acrobat10 Pro because clicking the bookmark still jumps to the next page. Add destination ‘Draw the text. Select the Insert ribbon. Usually, it scrolls to the top of the page the bookmark destination is on, but occasionally will scroll to the line. This option lets you search for a file outside your project.

I’d like to be able to create my own named destinations but the online help for how to do this doesn’t seem to even relate to my copy of Acrobat Move your curser to the right of the PDF, in the navigation pane. What’s interesting is that 2 boolmarks previous links to a normal set destination at the same line on the previous page.


Courtney 12, 30, Thanks for the great tutorial! I assume this is also the concept and intent for PDF named destinations based on my reading. Click named destinations in the pane to move to their location in the document. Any help to successfully create named destinations would be greatly appreciated!!! This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Setting bookmarks in my former software or resetting bookmarks there that I made in Acrobat ends up with the bookmarks scrolling to the exact position the destination was set to.

In order to set destinations, save a copy of the file without creste extended features. More time passes, more changes are made, and you are testing and re-linking yet again.

Planet PDF – Linking to Pages or Destinations Within PDFs

I want to duplicate this precision in Acrobat10 Pro so I don’t have to use any other software. Perhaps there’s a better set of instructions somewhere?

The document containing the destinations is referred to in this article as the target document; the document containing the links or bookmarks is referred to as the source document.

Depending on the task you are performing, this field may already be populated with the most appropriate file type creaye. NamedDestinationCollection ‘Remove the named destination by title destinationCollection. Do you know if the target can be used for the pdfstartview option in hyperref?

The following code snippet illustrates the same. Add destination ‘Save the document loadedDocument.

Choose your Destination

Lets you filter the kinds of files shown below. In the past, mainly for Acrobat I used the zref-savepos package to open the document at a desired location set at compilation. Note that I don’t seem to get this problem when setting bookmarks in RoboHelp10, and so I think this should be an easy fix for the creators of Acrobat Pro.


Ribbon Select the Insert ribbon. Check and change the destinations A destination can be modified after you have created it. Email Required, but never shown. In a workflow where you use several documents, approach the task by naming destinations in the target files first, and then use the link or bookmark actions in the source document to quickly make the connections.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Navigation appears to link pages, not places on pages. Do I need to create my named destinations on the Cos level? When the desired view has been determined, click Add Current View to create a new named desination. You follow the steps for inserting the a link to a file in the project, and you select the PDF file. Thanks for your response.

You can create named destinations for use in Adobe PDF outputs. A reason for them choosing to use PDFs is that they should open without the prompts for alternative actions characteristic of other document formats. Destinations set in a layered drawing are useful to create a list of links to show different elements of creaate drawing instantly.

You could use the a feature such as External Resources to add the PDF to that project, namedfest you could just copy and paste it in Windows.