For more information about unitarity, dispersion relations, and Cutkosky’s cutting rules, consult. Peskin& Schröder, or rather Le Bellac. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Cutkosky Rules and Outer Space | We derive Cutkosky’s theorem starting from Pham’s classical work. We emphasize structural . Cutting Rules. Cutting Rule. • Discontinuity of Feynman Integrals Landau & Cutkosky. Cut Integral in the P2. -channel. A(Γ1) = 1. 2 l1 l2 d. 4. Φ = d. 4 l1 d. 4.

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[] Cutkosky Rules for Superstring Field Theory

Some properties at zero and finite temperature in the real-time formalism of a sum of graphs, previously shown in some examples to be equivalent to the retarded product, are discussed. Given a cut diagram, there is a convention that we label the vertices of the diagram black or white, black vertices follow standard Feynman rules and are accompanied by a factor ruless i and white ones the complex conjugated version so come with a -i.


Yes, my password is: Email Required, but never shown. Log in or Sign up. I just now finished calculating a simplified version of the two loop integral above and found that nothing strange is going on in the imaginary part.

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quantum field theory – Cutkosky rules for a two-loop diagram – Physics Stack Exchange

Well, I don’t have a concrete answer for you. Sep 6, 6.

Apologies for delay in replying. The main thing I see you’re doing wrong is evaluating Feynman diagrams. CAFSep 6, Please let your colleagues know about this survey, and encourage them to come to this web site to register their opinions.

Aug 27, 4. To take the imaginary part, we have to perform cuts according to Cutkosky. Do you already have an account? QuantumDot Do you mean using the formula for the residue of a cutkosiy pole? Retarded functions, dispersion relations, and Cutkosky rules at zero and finite temperature R. Aug 24, 1. The rulfs of i come into play depending on whether we are using the normal or complex conjugated version of the Feynman rules.

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High Energy Physics – Phenomenology

UVCatastropheAug 24, Received 21 August DOI: We also indicate how dispersionlike relations can be derived for the time-ordered product. Sign up using Email and Password.


Aug 27, 5. Going back to Cutkosky’s original paper http: In this set up, there is usually a corresponding theta function in the replacement above of the propagator terms so that energy flow from black to white vertices is counted positively but I am not sure if you are perhaps using another convention.

CAFAug 27, This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of For the general 2- ctukosky, and 4-point functions we demonstrate that expressing this sum in the form of the definition of the retarded product leads to identities that can be interpreted as dispersion relations in energies.

By deriving a set of Cutkosky rules, we show that the weights involved in these relations arise in finding the imaginary curkosky of this sum, and thus have an interpretation in terms of reaction rates.

Cutkosky Cutting rules

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