Kha charay, salaamoona pukhtano! Here i am trying to post some pashto proverbs with English translation that will help u. 1. Da bad kaar. Posts about Matalona written by Mariam Jaan. Sta da khaira may tobah da, kho da spie de rana kurray ka. visit: and Dost Ye Bal kas ta way: Yar da der naik saray de, Penza (5) wakht Munz Kai, awo 1 saray khpal Dost ta way: Yar Paron rana Laar ki Yo kas da Chaaku Pa zor.

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Originally Posted by umarabbas well i dun understand what’s the right answer for this particular question Akhira zamana shwa da chargaano yaarana shwa.

Pakhto Matalona – Pashto PDF Books

Che sanga plaar hum haghasay zwey vee. Pukhtoo mataloona and English Translation Kha charay, salaamoona pukhtano!

Ghwakhey da har matalna khwakhey dee kho peesho prey emaan rawrey dey. Charity begins at home. Khairat da koor na shuru kegi. He is his father’s son. Woman is the lamp of the family.


Da spee joota da spee haq dey. Rishwat har zay ke lara wobasi. He that respects is respected. Allah is Clean and so is his court. Surrounding yourself with something you like wont turn you into it.

Pashto HOT SMS: Da Pukhto Adab Be-adaba Mataloona

Kha charay, salaamoona pukhtano! A crooked mouth can be set right mafalona a punch. Chi na kar, pa hagha the sa kar When it is not any of your business, then stay away. Chi na kar, pa hagha the sa kar When it is not any of your business, then stay away landai la halal na da khanak pa sar garzawe.

Pashto Jokes – Funny SMS

A bad way has a bad end. The animal is not even slaughtered, you come mtalona your plate on your head to collect meat.

Here’s one from me: Har chata pashtl watan kashmir de for everyone his country is like Kashmir Everyone sees his country or area the most beautiful in the world. Chi si krii, hagha ba rebi You reap what you sow. The tree may live for a hundred years, while the bird will perch in it for only one night.


Friday, November 20, We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. Your bread is buttered on both sides. Last edited by Princess Royal; Sunday, October 11, at Khar cha har chaire hum lar she, bia hum hagha khar we The donkey will remain donkey, no matter where ever it goes Nature cannot be changed Da khali daig ghag lor de The emty vessel noise is more An empty vessel makes much noise.

There is a vast difference between a poor man and luck. The thief has a straw in his beard. Water always seeks a lower level.

Wakht da d ghum dawa vee. If you fool me once a curse on you, if you fool me twice a curse on me.

Saturday, November 21, Allah hum paak darbaar ye hum paak. The beggar spends the night wherever it is convenient.