Evil forces are after Morgan, forces connected with a dark wave of magick. And she knows something is wrong with the way Cal is acting. Perfect for fans of The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, and The Witches of East End series. The second three Sweep books bound into one. Dark Magick is the 4th book in the Sweep series. Dark Magick was first published on June 25,

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F Lewis once apologized to me when I critiqued him on his repetition, saying it was required of him by the publisher to make each book accessible independently. Nancy Springer and Serena Blasco.

Apr 18, Byy Barva-kertesz rated it really liked it. Words on Bathroom Walls. Obviously I got a little bored reading the first part of the book multiple times. And lots of character and plot development!! I liked how Hunter was introduced in this one and how Morgan found her mothers instruments.

It makes me use too many exclamation marks!

Ninth Grade Slays 2. Ashes in the Snow Movie Tie-In. Hunter and Sky have gone from foe to friend and we discover yet more hidden depths of Morgans powers illustrated in the Tath Meanma.


Dark Magick by Cate Tiernan | : Books

I’m definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next and these audiobooks are so quick and easy to consume. Understandably traumatized, Morgan starts to distance herself from her boyfriend Cal after the event.

Refresh and try again. With an electric blue spark, we see something budding between Hunter darm Morgan. The rest of the characters were as they have been for the past books, in the background and barely making ripples.

Morgan finds out that not everyone is who they say they are. The characters are really developing, especially Morgan.

Living in Manhattan was incredible, even though I didn’t have a lot of money.

They do practice dark magic and they need Morgan to make the coven stronger. Will Hunter stick around and help Morgan now?

For Morgan and Riernan share a terrible, dark secret; one that binds them together even as they are rend apart.

Before anyone groans, let me say that these women write really well about women trying to achieve emotional fulfillment, and that’s kind of what we’re all doing, right?

Sie will so oft die Wahrheit nicht sehen, obwohl sie direkt vor ihrer Nase liegt und sie denkt und denkt und denkt. So this summer I decided, no matter what, I will read this book! This is the most suburban xark I’ve ever lived, and it’s very different from living right in the middle of a city. Her own instincts told her to run when Cal mentioned people who wanted to meet her. The story builds and builds and we get to see Morgan grow into a more powerful witch and she also becomes more confident.


Read it a million times. I would have forgiven him though, were it me. The Best Books of The way it is conveyed there’s almost a sympathy for the devil situation that occurs.

Dark Magick, Awakening, and Spellbound

After reading Dark Magick I am so motivated and excited to read the other books in this series! I greatly admire P. Sep 16, Christy rated it it was amazing. I havent read the fifth yet but this was actioned pack. My eyes are going to fall out from mxgick them so hard. Alas, with this book Morgans reality is shattered.