Full text of “Darklands Cluebook” 81 Puzzles & Answers Final Notes 3 This book is divided into This book is not designed to be a strategy guide. The file is a record of interactions that occurred since you last started the game. Every time you start or load a game, is restarted. Although. (section introduction) * Recruit * Soldier * Veteran * Captain * Hunter * Bandit * Peasant * Schulz * Noble Heir * Courtier * Knight * Manorial Lord * Hermit *.

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Giant Gnome big rock elemental: Therefore, the best approach is to purify the altar first, then grab the object.

Be sure to tell them which bkok you currently have. If a character already knows the saint or formula randomly selected, another is not selected. In general, sea travel is safer than land, but only faster if the distance to the next port is significant. LOG file is a record of interactions that occurred since you last started the game.

The information that is given is well constructed and thought out. The rate at which you naturally regain strength while camping or at an inn is based on the single highest healing skill in the party.

Darklands Cluebook

Instead, he disappears and you flue fight powerful creatures under his control. There are no covens, no nature ceremonies, no pre-Christian rites or worship of Diana.

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They’ll be fairly easy to defeat and it will increase your local reputation slightly, as well as improve your skills.

However, too much weight in weapons and armor can quickly ruin any hard-won agility advantages. This increases the penetration value of any edged or polearm weapon.

A bunch of related stuff farklands up by CMB. It is MUCH better at slowing down opponents than the others. Studdcd Leather Manorial Lord V: The third gate leads to a bunch of wild-eyed alchemists. Try to gang up one one robber if possible and go on to the others this is not always possible. The saint can sometimes weaken demons, but only during interactions before battle.

Damage value; if the weapon penetrates, this is approxi- mately the maximum endurance damage it could accomplish.

You can find it cluf the mist, but the chance is success equals the single highest perception in your party!

Computer Game Museum Display Case – Darklands

Go to the market area, sneak into the market building and find the appropriate office. Purchased potions have a quality of 25q, while self-made have 35qq! Mines are earthen humps with wooden frames over the doorways on the landscape map. For example, darkpands find plate armour in the Great Monastery at 45q!

In case of conflicts, use the information below.

One useful tactic is to have their victim parry, while the rest of the party strikes as berserkers from other directions. Information about this can be found among the notices and rumors in city squares or at a city inn.


These standard traps can be detected with perception, and they release missiles or potions. The first one you must leave alone and any attempt to disrupt her will result in loss of Virtue.

Darklands Cluebook : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

A common tactic with powerful hook slow-loading weapons is to fire one shot, then switch to a different, faster, missile darkladns. Note that perception is actually reduced temporarily. Unfortunately, your party may lose their horses when sneaking through sewers, goingover walls, sw’imming to and from boats, etc.

You must observe these women to determine who they are. Sanguine Base, l Melanc. They are trying to gain control over it. If the weapon skill is below the minimum, 2 additional points arc deducted for each skill point below the minimum.

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Mine problems are caused by something inhuman underground. All the attributes and skills can be quite confusing at first. The best thing to do is to run from them and escape to the next level down.