Diné Bizaad – The Navajo Language. Ya’at eeh! Greetings The Navajo language, also known as Diné Bizaad, is spoken by approximately , people in the. Navajo (Diné Bizaad). Navajo is a member of the Athabaskan branch of the Na- Dené language family. It is spoken mainly in in the Navajo Nation (Naabeehó. Navajo Language (Diné Bizaad) has members. Díí anii’naaltsoos yee dahyikahígíí éí Diné Bizaad yee yádaałtxi’ígíí bá, dóó Diné.

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The Navajo Nationwhere the language is most spoken. This study noted that while the preschool staff knew both languages, they spoke English to the children most of the time.

Navajo (Diné Bizaad)

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Navajo language. Information about the Navajo language http: Spanish 37 Varieties of Chinese 3 French 2 Tagalog 1. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat On October ibzaad,an early beta of a Navajo course was released on Duolingo.

Konkow Maidu Nisenan Chico. Each verb has an inherent aspect and can be conjugated in up to seven modes [59].

Online Navajo lessons http: Retrieved September 1, Share your recipes in that group. The shapes are listed here with their standard names and their corresponding handle root. The study concluded that the preschoolers were in “almost total idne in English”. Navajo syllables carry either a high, dinw, rising, or falling tone. The Athabaskan language family includes approximately 44 different language groups native to the Western U. It has been posited that Navajo and Chipewyanwhich have no common ancestor more recent than Proto-Athabaskan and possess many pairs of corresponding but opposite tones, evolved from different dialects of Proto-Athabaskan that pronounced these glottalic consonants differently.


The verb is based on a stem dihe, which is made of a root to identify the action and the semblance of a suffix to convey mode and aspect ; however, this suffix is fused beyond separability. Of primary Navajo speakers, I would love to learn.

However, qualified teachers who were fluent in Native languages were scarce, and these programs were largely unsuccessful. Some crazy boys decided to make some wine to sell, die they each planted grapevines and, working hard on them, they raised them to maturity.

Hopi O’odham Southern Paiute Yaqui. The language has a fairly large phoneme inventory; it includes several uncommon consonants that are not found in English.

Other parts of speech in Navajo are also relatively immutable, and tend to be short. For example, Navajo has no single verb that corresponds to the English ‘give’.

Navajo Language

Only one Navajo word has been fully absorbed into the English language: In some cases, the United States established separate schools for Navajo and other Native American children. Then, having made wine, they each filled a goatskin with it. Click on See More link. Its four basic vowels are distinguished for nasalitylengthand tone. However, these verbs, known as “neuter verbs”, are distinguished by only having the imperfective mode, as they describe continuous states of being.


The language has struggled to keep a healthy speaker base, although this problem has been alleviated to some extent by extensive education programs on the Navajo Nation.

Some educators have remarked that students who know their native languages feel a sense of pride and identity validation. Johnson signed the Bilingual Education Actwhich provided funds for educating young students who are not native Dune speakers.

Navajo language – Wikipedia

About students attend per semester. Bizaaf Act had mainly been intended for Spanish-speaking children—particularly Mexican Americans —but it applied to all recognized linguistic minorities. The vast majority of Navajo vocabulary is of Athabaskan origin.

Recently there has been a revival of interest in the Navajo language and the development of Navajo computer fonts has made it much easier to write, edit and publish written material in Navajo. Retrieved September 29,