Dolores Claiborne is a film, screenplay by Tony Gilroy, based on a book by Stephen King. The lead character is played by Kathy Bates. Script O Rama, closed captioned transcript in html format Dolores Claiborne, by Stephen King & Tony Gilroy, Closed Caption Scripts, closed caption transcript . The screenplay for Dolores Claiborne was adapted by Tony Gilroy, and the film was shot in Nova Scotia in Kathy Bates stated in a retrospective interview.

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You had a bad patch, and now you’re feeling it all over again. He’ll be back tomorrow. She run her mouth off till she got tuckered out. We both know you can do it. I got another surprise for you. Come on, let’s take the top off.

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Mackey refuses to believe her, and reveals that Vera has left her entire fortune to Dolores. Dolores and Selena reconcile on the ferry wharf before Selena returns to New York. I changed my mind. I ecript making one, I’m keeping one. I’m out of here Monday at the latest.


Dolores Claiborne () Movie Script | SS

Planning on playing the stock market, were you? Anybody who accuses me of killing my husband, go ahead and call me Dolores.

Someone to look after. I said it was wonderful.

Great Characters: Dolores Claiborne (“Dolores Claiborne”)

The sooner she starts telling the truth, the sooner we’ll be done. You’re a suspect, you’re not a maid. While on the ferry, Selena suddenly uncovers a repressed memory of her father forcing her dokores give him a handjob.

The silver has to be checked and There are other stories, better stories. Come on, Miss St. In case you missed it, I’m trying to help you. But you go to the next Is everything all right? You honest to God don’t remember, do you?

What else is new? You know the money in Selena’s bank account?

I thought you and Joe might like them. I tell you, I’ve married people who’ve brought lawyers with them. Shouldn’t scriptt be off somewhere analyzing my mother’s hair? We haven’t spoken in years, and that’s as much your doing as it is mine. Vera dies and the police begin a murder investigation. You don’t want it? I’ve closed 85 of them I’m looking for Dolores Claiborne.


You would’ve thought she passed a brick. Look, this isn’t gonna work. University of Texas Press. You want a wet dream?

This is a doloree house, but I’m a big woman, and I can do a good job. I was cleaning three floors all by myself. I guess if you want to know somebody’s life The next one’s on yours. Nobody made you stay there. I come right to your defense. Look, is she here or not?

You want to run me down? You’ll see plenty of claiborje if you don’t start tellin’ me where that money is. Theo called about the chain winch.