In earlier articles (Get More from DOORS with DXL Graphics, Get More from DOORS with DXL Links), I introduced some of the special features of The DOORS. the edition and execution of IBM Rational® DOORS® DXL files inside Eclipse. We recommend users to read the Eclipse Basic tutorial to get familiar with the. These scripts are provided free of charge for the benefit of DOORS users. You may copy, modify or distribute any of these scripts as you wish, but please leave.

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The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. There is a function for a filter called hasLinks.

We recommend users to read the Eclipse Basic tutorial to get familiar with the environment. You still have to use some other loops like for o in entire m and that could be wrong—I am doing this off the top of my head. You might also want to get a visual quick tour of the DXL Editor main features. Is there any method to avoid this problem such as if read fails continue with next iteration. As you can see, it is quite normal for a few lines of DXL to require a page of explanation.


I hope you find this site useful. Now we just need to set the filter dx turn filtering on and see what we get.


But my Doors falls.??? I specialise in the development of high quality custom-made DXL scripts. The Project Explorer enables navigation through the project contents, and to determine functions declared by a DXL file without even having to edit the file. Even if you already write and maintain your own DXL scripts, the resources on this site can help take the some of the pain out of DXL programming by providing plug-in utilities and templates that will speed-up your DXL development.

We have two methods of accomplishing this.

How to create a small program in DXL (doors extensive language)? – Stack Overflow

Tutorisl Required, but never shown. These are delivered at your site. I think I said pass by value when I meant pass by reference!

This will allocate 8 MB doirs number of propreties which will not kill your memory, but k is a good starting size. Kevin July 17, Mauro, You can write me at kevin. But these were quite advanced features, and several DOORS users have asked me if I could help them to get started with the language.

Post as a guest Name.

Baselines, Inc. DXL Tutorial – Part I – Baselines, Inc.

Kevin Log in to Reply. Applying the approach to the Example Problem So assuming that we have made our classes SObject, SModule, SLink and SAttrValue according to the above description we can now easily code our complete project cache script: DXL ddl output is captured in a console.


Deb January 13, Kevin, This is such a great idea, and well done for sharing with people of various levels of expertise. Dooes everyone with me so far? Please see my Training page for more details. If any objects were accepted, we know we have incoming links. My question is to send error if attribute does not exists and print 1 or 2 attribute values if they exists.

I did not mean that all objects in the module should have an incoming link; rather I meant all filtered objects should have at least one incoming link. Note that we have an “underscore” type parameter in the list, so our list can use any data type.

Module has incoming links.

George June dzl, Just joined! Tony Goodman tony smartdxl. It tells the DXL run-time system to go back and process all the rest of the Objects in the Module, or rather, all of those that are on display.