DS, DS Datasheet, DS Real Time Clock, buy DS The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are Pin Configurations and Ordering Information appear at end of data sheet. WWW. Y. DESCRIPTION. The DS Real Time Clock plus RAM is designed to be a direct replacement for the DS The DS is identical in form, fit, and.

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Register C clears AF.

The remaining bits of Register D are not usable. It also supports the Daylight Savings Time option. Examine the following code datzsheet see how to access the DS of Figure A logic 1 in bit 7 IRQF bit indicates that one or more interrupts.

These bits always read 0. The DS has four control registers that are accessible at all times, even during the update cycle. Table 1 lists the periodic interrupt rates and the square-wave frequencies that can be chosen with the RS. The RD signal is the same definition as the output-enable.

Pin 18 is the reset pin. There are three methods that can handle access of the RTC datasheeet avoid any possibility of accessing. When the UIP bit is a 1, the. The contents of the The periodic interrupt rate is selected using the same Register A bits, which select the.

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The “don’t datwsheet codes in all three alarm. The time, calendar, and alarm bytes are always. The DS is identical in form, fit, and function to the DS, and has an additional 64 bytes of. RESET pin can be held low for a time to allow the power supply to stabilize. All 10 time, calendar, and alarm bytes must use the.


A pattern of 11X enables the oscillator but holds the countdown chain in reset. Multiplexed buses save pins because. Daylight Savings Time option. The interrupt request flag IRQF bit is set to a 1 when one or more of the following are true: All outputs are open. When V CC falls below 4. DC power is provided to the device on these pins.

Date of the Month. The RTC is unique in that time-of-day and memory are maintained even in the.


To use IRQ, the interrupt-enable bits in register B must be set high. The update cycle cs12887 compares each alarm byte with the corresponding time.


When a flag is set, an indication is given to software that an. It uses an internal lithium battery to keep operating for over 10 years in the absence of external power.

See also Figure for details of register B. The interrupt flag bit is a status bit that. The addresses are present. When we initialize the time or date, we need to set D7 of register B to 1. This bit is not writable. SQWE bit controls the square-wave output. The third method uses a periodic interrupt to determine if an update cycle is in progress.

Determination that the RTC initiated an interrupt is. DSE is set to 1.

All voltages are referenced to ground. Changing the Register Eatasheet bits affect both the square-wave frequency. In most applications the reset pin is connected to the V cc pin.