The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection documents the life and work of this 20th century polymath, and contains his personal archive, correspondence, manuscripts. In , Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that. Fuller called it the Dymaxion Chronofile. He cross-referenced its contents with 13, index cards. The archives also include “over 2,

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He put in his love letters even photocopying his replies and including them before sending them out. For me, having lots of computer data, even in an organized manner, can be very annoying; additionally, it seems like clutter even though you do not see it. Buying a dymazion harddrive dispells energy and environmental impact as does throwing out the smaller information storage pieces.

Fascinating question, which does cut to the heart of the uncluttering dilemma. A ton personal archive October 14, There is something uniquely satisfying about having empty email files!

I am not strong enough to complete this task yet. By the time he died inthe Chronofile occupied nearly linear feet of space. While walking along Lake Michigan one night, Fuller contemplated suicide. But only two complete Chrnofile House prototypes were ever produced owing to the fact that Fuller was a perfectionist. I like how author Elizabeth Kolbert put it:. The scrapbook contains copies of all correspondence, bills, notes, sketches, and clippings from newspapers.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Unlike physical storage, the cost of your time to keep things pared down cymaxion greatly exceeds the cost to add more storage. I took a deep breath, and proceeded to shred my chronofilr statements and checks from — without scanning them first.

A 45-ton personal archive

He created a very large scrapbook in which he documented his life every 15 minutes from to Cole Gerst InBuckminster Fuller began documenting his life in minute intervals. For Fuller, was a significant year. This article by Jesus Diaz gives a good visual understanding of storage in the age of the chronoifle.


Is it over seven years old legal?

A canonical figure archiving his material for future scholars to use should not be compared to meticulously organized compulsive hoarders. But more importantly, this week I improved the onboarding process by allowing oauth connections go outside the app, connect to a third-party service, and then pass back the authentication to the app.

The Dymaxion Chronofile and our ever-expanding personal digital archives – Unclutterer

He was around ships, and the way ships were designed—the sails, and the mast, and the tension of the ropes—that all really worked into his designs later on. Fenner gives good free legal advice above……get rid of…. If somebody kept a very accurate record of a human being, going through the era from the Gay ’90sfrom a very different kind of world through the turn of the century—as far into the twentieth century as you might live.

Also the compulsion to write like that is associated with bipolar. Digital data has several problems data rot being the major problem with the physical medium, obsolescence and the physical degradation of the medium.

Views Read Edit View history. I keep only material that has a foreseeable use, and try to keep it organized in a way that, if I get hit by a bus, my DH or other executor can figure out what is needed to clear things up.

The Dymaxion Chronofile is Buckminster Fuller ‘s attempt to document his life as completely as possible.

Dymaxion Chronofile

He has since been dymaxino an architect, an engineer, a philosopher, a designer, and much more. As mentioned, the app now has a provisional name and icon. I think how much space those files would physically take up if they were printed out is a moot point.

I am amazed I have never heard of him! It includes detailed notes and sketches, incoming and outgoing correspondence, and even minutiae like his dry cleaning bills. Growing-up you use to be able to dig out a shoe box full of old photographs.


I have spent an hour last night looking for a crochet hook, finally deciding, I just needed to buy a new one. I wonder, though, whether some things are actually detrimental to our happiness to keep. He would go on to invent a sort of winch that could fish early chronofiile, and their pilots, up out of the water. Around the same time, he enlisted in the Navy to serve in World War I.

Although this type of record-keeping may initially seem shocking when one considers the sheer amount of paper involved, many of us might be hcronofile to realize that we are unwittingly engaged in the same basic undertaking in the digital realm. Personally, going through and deleting unnecessary files would clutter chronofie time up more than just keeping them. In the same interview with PlayboyFuller commented on the his ultimate understanding of the potential significance of the individual.

He had two computers, and I will go through them and delete the information before I somehow recycle them. InBuckminster Fuller began documenting his life in minute intervals. It’s a design challenge he started called The World Game. Just moving that little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. I have become quite interested in archiving digital information. My theory is to sort through it periodically and delete anything that is not necessary.

If you expect to be able to access things in 10 or 20 years, a good and tested backup is imperative. I was allowed to do anything I wanted.