Buy e: The Story of a Number (Princeton Science Library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. e has ratings and 87 reviews. Tara said: e: The Story of a Number certainly lives up to its title!The book begins with an introduction to logarit. In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.

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e: the Story of a Number by Eli Maor

Check out the lf books of the year on our page Best Books of It felt very rambly. The story of [pi] has been told many times, both in scholarly works and in popular books.

As the story goes, the Calculus were “discovered” in the 17th simultaneously by Newton in England and Leibniz on the continent.

I read about half this book and then put it down. Neither should be true because a it’s a book about Naor would’ve liked this book much more if it actually fulfilled its claims. Leibniz himself died at the age of seventy almost completely forgotten. An Alternative Definition of the Logarithmic Function 6. Interpretation of the Parameter [phi] in epi Hyperbolic FunctionsApp.

That was the merit of several mathematicians among which Gauss. Worth a read if you want to skip the actual maths for the historical and big picture stuff, and even more useful if you don’t mind ploughing through the maths for a deeper understanding. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our numger pages to help you find your new favourite book. We soon discover, through differential calculus, that e is pretty badass.

Maor’s account of the place of e, the base of the natural logarithms, in the history of mathematics provides a maorr inside a mathematician’s brain.

Also, I had some issues with the organization of the book. While the history itself was not terribly new to me, my attention and delight was found in Maor’s very instructive sidebars demonstrating applications, including the logarithmic spiral in art and Maor’s treatise on the history of the Naperian base is an simple, interesting read beginning with a short biography of Napier himself.

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“e”: The Story of a Number – Eli Maor – Google Books

In a sense, it mwor the story of an entire period in the history of mathematics, from the early seventeenth to the late nineteenth century, with the invention of calculus at its center. Euler was a legend.

He shows how e appeared in nature and the arts – musical scales, the spiral mirablis, a hanging chain, the parabolic arc of a projectile, the Gateway Arch. It explains underlying maths. Next we have a fairly decent discussion of limits and infinity. View table of contents.

e: the Story of a Number

A 4,Year History all Princeton. It’s written for the non-mathematician, no great depth of understanding needed to get the points here. The Birth of a New Science 9. He thoroughly covers the differing views shory Newton and Leibniz as they devel Maor’s account of the place of e, the base of the natural logarithms, in the history of mathematics provides a peek inside a mathematician’s brain.

Mathematics had developed well with only positive numbers basically only rationals. But also talks about fascinating historical characters and anecdotes.

OK, so books on math, not going to numbre national best sellers by any stretch of the imagination.

I found this basically unreadable. Aug 19, Eeli rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would’ve liked this book much more if it actually fulfilled its claims. Infinity and the Mind Rudy Rucker. Many of the players who took part in this story are here brought to life.

Perhaps the hyperbolic functions were explained that way to me when I learned about them at school, but the exposition here was definitely illuminating. Open Preview See a Problem? In England, where it originated, the calculus fared less well. Every major scale consists nu,ber the same sequence of intervals. It was as challenging as any math book I’ve ever read, and the tangents — either I’m too stupid to understand how the tangents tie into e, or they actually aa tie into e.


In this informal and pf history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie Bach and Johann Bernoulli, shory logarithmic spiral in nature and art, Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. In a time when all computations for example in astronomy were done by hand, the idea and the use of the first logarithm tables caught on very quickly.

What happens if n tends to infinity? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But books like this tend to have a fatal flaw, either dumbing down the math so much that it becomes basically just biography and handwaving, or having so much math that you need an advanced math degree to understand it.

This maog surprised me a bit by being more of an actual maths book ie. The Journey of Man Spencer Nukber. For myself, I found it to be perfect light reading for those occasions when the mind needs diversion without fluff.

But its close relative, the number e, has fared less well: While the historical content of the book is certainly fascinating, it is not what I signed up for when I started reading. Numbers – in particular nmuber numbers like e – have been imbued with mystical connections to larger or hidden things.

This account of e raises the questions again, “What is this language of numbers that humans have developed and how is this language linked to the world ‘out there’? This brings us to e: Start Free Trial No credit card required.