The Swan Thieves is a novel by American author Elizabeth Kostova. The ” old painter” described in the book before the first chapter is Alfred Sisley. The Swan Thieves: A Novel [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession. The Swan Thieves [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. trade 1st edition 1st printing paperback, fine In stock shipped from.

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And, by extension, its movements, its soft sounds, the tide of feeling that rises and floods us when we are loved enough to forget ourselves. I was, apparently, one of the few people not giddy about The Historian. Kostova’s writing is beautiful and descript Now, I have not read The Historian I do plan on reading it so this was my first exposure to Ms.

She is married to a Bulgarian scholar. Jan 16, Sarah Ryburn rated it really liked it Shelves: The author could have fleshed out the ending encounter between the main character and his patient a bit more; endings seem to be Kostova’s weakness, but this book’s ending was far and away much better than the strange letdown of The Historian’s closure.

The last scene in the book is the same as the one that opened it, a short time later–it’s supposed to be an actual Impressionist painter, who was painting a winter scene and then Beatrice comes walking by, so he puts her into the painting. To view it, click here. Perhaps there should have been a “Robert” section – one in which he told his story. That’s not how life works.

The Swan Thieves – Wikipedia

View all 55 comments. Psychologist Robert Marlowe acquires thleves renowned painter Robert Oliver as his patient, and subsequently travels around meeting people who might be able to shed some light on the reasons behind Oliver’s breakdown. A little deceiving, as it can barely be said to be the tip of the iceberg. Want to Read saving…. We need a book about a secret history that’s about pages, but people don’t like long chapters so the chapters cant’ be longer than 7 pages.


Especially to anyone who loves beautifully written books and who is looking for something to catch their eye and make them think afterwards.

If Oliver would speak, we’d understand why he did what he did, end of story. It’s not thievs it’s terrible, it’s ellizabeth so blah and unspectacular.

More By and About This Author. View all 3 comments. We learn much of this story ghieves alternate first-person narratives, Dr. The story is a number of character developments amidst an intricate storyline, one filled with historical fact and fiction.

To give them that much character is to assume that the letters themselves are covering up something that is going on between the lines.

The Swan Thieves

May 04, Shelah rated it it was amazing. In fact, the novel often reads like a study of the male creative ego and its complacently assumed right to indulge itself whatever the effect on those who love and support it.

View all 8 comments. I also liked the different points of view, the layers in the book. Also, Kostova seems to like to explain a lot of things, which isn’t either bad or good, depending on your taste honestly. Back to the novel’s successes A couple hundred pages could have been trimmed. But all different in their own quirky way.

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova: review

Onto other character flaws. Marlow reads a series of letters written between French Impressionist artists and even travels to France to unlock the story’s mystery. The deeper in he gets the more Marlowe wonders if he is really doing this for his patient or for himself and he begins to unravel a mystery that has haunted many lives for over a century.

I have been around artists my entire life. But again, they are kind of raised and then allowed to float away into thoroughly bourgeois happy-enough endings. If you are accustomed to a fast-paced mystery, then this may not be a book for you.

View all 5 comments. Every few months I come across a book that’s so smart, I’m impressed by the author’s skills as a researcher and writer and want to soak up more of her genius.


Jul 27, Michelle tne it it was ok Shelves: Marlow doesn’t mention of course, that he’s gotten his patient’s ex-girlfriend pregnant while on that trip to Acapulco and they’re getting married. This was definitely not one of those. I’m not sure if Kostova has tbe of a realistic grasp on what exactly psychiatrists do or how they think.

After all of this footwork and research and delving into Impressionist painters’ lives, Dr. Although this novel is not necessarily an all time favorite, I am thrilled at the prospect of reading many more of her works.

The Book Blog of Evil: The Swan Thieves, by Elizabeth Kostova

I had read others reviews before I delved into the book myself and I find ths i agree with many that you keep pressing into the story hoping for a payoff. The thieved induces the elegance of France, while still placing the reader carefully back into the modern era. Published January 21st by Sphere first published January 12th Psychiatrist Andrew Marlowe has a perfectly ordered life–solitary, perhaps, but full of devotion to his profession and the painting hobby he loves.

I can say the same about this one.

I meant to write more, but when I wrote the pre-baby animal pictures part of the review I had energy. It’s another historical thriller of sorts which swaps the eastern Europe of Vlad the Impaler for 19th-century Paris and the kostovq of impressionism. Great the main character is a gifted psychiatrist who can ‘make a stone talk’. Kostova must love some of her words.

One would think that a page book would be rich with description, but one would be wrong.