Most people know this celebrated equation has something to do with Einstein’s theory of relativity, but most nonscientists don’t know what it means. This very. Praise. “This is not a physics book. It is a history of where the equation [E=mc2] came from and how it has changed the world. After a short. David Bodanis explains Einstein’s most famous equation to Cameron Diaz, and anyone else without a physics degree, in E=mc&#

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E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation

I learned that this equation has a rich history of drama, war, and power. Through all their stories — as well as highlights from Newton, Heisenberg and other researchers — the meaning of each part of the equation becomes clear. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of For me, insight is based on facts, concepts and reasoning.

In addition, it has motivated me to find out more of how this equation influenced hi I am having a hard time not being impressed with myself because this is the second book in the “hard” scientific realm that I have just adored the first being “A Short History of Everything”. A very entertaining read. Every page is rich with surprising anecdotes about everything from Einstein’s youth to the behind-the-scenes workings of the Roosevelt administration.

The little book of genius

Physics is accessible to anyone who bodans interested enough to spend the time and energy it takes to learn.

Many of which I had much more insight than what’s in the book.

After an interview with Premier magazine, the Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz was asked if there was anything she wanted to know. But this hit me where it was supposed to hit not because he opened my eyes on how precious little I have read.


I am of the opinion that the image is enticing and engaging, and I hope it will attract rather than repel potential readers. Mr Bodanis does not rise to the challenge. Rather it is a shortened equation. Science writer Bodanis makes it a lot more clear.

I am having a hard time not being impressed with myself because this is the second book in the “hard” scientific realm that I have just adored the first being “A Short History of Everything”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I was relieved from the daily nightmares of History classes once I passed my secondary education. However, I am confident that I could explain the basics of this equation after reading this book.

E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis

It is about an equation. From a scientific standpoint, the most memorable chapters were the one where Bodanis explains in subatomic detail exactly how the bomb dropped on Hiroshima wrought its horrific damage, and the one where he explains how the universe will end.

Open Preview See a Problem? I only scored this book two stars to mark my displeasure with the overblown blurb on the cover, and the overly generous score on Goodreads.

Einstein and the Nodanis Most Famous Equation”. Then I kept on reading and turning pages. Lists with This Book. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just boanis moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads vodanis. This book is a collection of stories of different thinkers, from the medieval period to the detonations of nuclear bombs, and how they happened to do it, from our history books. A few years ago I was reading an interview with the actress Cameron Diaz in a movie magazine.

This was a very satisfactory book. I give this book 3. And this is truly an amazing biography of the Equation, of which Dr. However, his research into the properties of light forced him into the realisation that it is the combination of mass and energy that is conserved, and that mass can be destroyed as long it is turned into energy, and vice versa. The next sections follow the “life” of the equation from its early days through current applications – from discussions of space-time to the atomic bomb to black holes to a mention of the unifying theory.


Those who are true novices to physics-or lack interest in pursuing the equation beyond the basics-can read the front half of the book and walk away far more knowledgeable than they were when they picked it up. The way of writing followed in this book by linking scientists and different timelines together is something of a marvel.

This is the absolute opposite of the truth. Table of contents Preface Part 1: It’s claimed, over and over again, that the bombs dropped on Japan were somehow due to the equation.

Along the way, Bodanis includes stories about the people involved Lavoisier, Faraday, Einstein, and many others that really add color and interest.

Bodanks, I did like the fact that the Author focused in great detail about making of the Atomi It looks like I cannot get enough of Historical Science books. Another thing I find grating in a science book is that Bodanis loves to talk about God whenever given half a chance.

A move to the South of France followed, and he then split his time between France and London, combining writing with stints as a science presenter on s ITV show, the Wide Awake Club. I love when those show boanis in unexpected places in my reading. View all 4 comments.