These poems are from En la masmédula (In the Moremarrow), which culminates Girondo’s career of poetic engagement with the vanguard; his lifelong rejection. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful extremes to which.

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The third right-indented column is the finished translation. It is more primordial marrow. The most faithful translation to me then embraces failure as a mode of writing. A lot of poems end on their own titles, creating a feeling of being in an enclosure.

In the Moremarrow/En la masmedula

For this reason it is full of neologisms created via new word compounds, new combinations, then recombinations of those prior new combinations: It is split into two short sections. A beautiful translation choice.

I think this book is extremely important. It is not a garden. Retrieved April 16, But the first two lines of the translation are confusing to me.


It is hard to say what stubborn female couplings refers to. We cannot simply transplant them, we must translate them.

Oliverio Girondo, In the Moremarrow / En la masmedula | Action Books

My Lumy does this, too, at its best moments. There are moments in the middle version, in column 2, that actually appear quite poetic, whether rn or not.

It reminds me of constituent elements readying themselves to become compound. His first book, Veinte poemas para ser leidos en un tranviawas published by a small French press inand Calcomanias was published in Span in Is there girpndo authoritative, origin-al essence to be mined at the bottom?

This introductory passage I think offers reasons:. I trust it as a mode of writing poems.

To undo the dovetails, masmedul literally. Variations on a theme of water. I mean, in order to move all the plants from one hothouse to another, one ought to take inventory to ensure that no plant was left behind. Mi lu builds to mi lubidulia. It is not writing itself according to the essence or the marrow of the source text, which is a sort of axillary re-generation. So we make an inference. Which is, like, incredible. But the essence of the instrument is water. Ne we have here is Reproduction vs.


InGirondo was injured in a car accident which left him with diminished faculties. Not only is this acceptable, but it seems this book argues it is the marrow of existence. And if love takes an object, love conducts violence. Or is it just turtles all the way down?

It takes an object. We are exposed to its symptoms. I want to explain. It is simply a record of a static moment.

Oliverio Girondo

We see an organism build its limbs in response to each limb just built. Because it rewrites itself by correcting the mistakes of our World. Post April 14, I know girlndo analysis is a fundamental part of translation.

Love for Girondo is a force that howls out. Love is the essence.

Retrieved from ” https: We need a new arrangement that fairly represents the old gironod, but we need entirely new plants. The ButMarrow sounds horrific.